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What Went Wrong...!? | AEW Dynamite In-ring Stats | Milwaukee 25.08.21

In-ring Statistics from AEW Dynamite in Milwaukee

This was not a well received episode of Dynamite. This happens every now and again, but this felt like something else. I, personally, was really disappointed by the show. As a 30 year old with a small child and a full-on job, fitting a 2 hour show into my Thursday is a big-ish deal! So when it doesn't deliver I feel like I've just watched WWE Raw.... Okay not Raw, it wasn't that bad but you get my drift!

Red Velvet vs Jamie Hayter

This seemed like it was going to be a great showcase for the Women's Division. However even though the match managed to avoid the dreaded women's slot on the card, it only lasted 7 minutes which seems a little short for what should have been a competitive showcase. Then again one could argue, longer would not put across Hayter's strength.

Statistically, Hayter was well-presented. She was able to get her personality over; 11 taunts, dominating most of the offence and utilising multiple grapples. However, impactful wrestlers often get in less offence overall but tend to lead in Big Offence.

Out-with statistics, the way Hayter was able to take Red Velvet's Dives was highly impressive, she made it look as if Velvet's Dives completely floored her as she took the Dives with a flat-back bump. She also brought Joshi-influence to her entrance and her gear which is cool to see as a big Stardom fan. She also improvised after Velvet's unfortunate misfire.

This match didn't really see the usually ebbs and flows as the wrestler's trade the advantage to put across the to and fro struggle of a match. It is unusual that minute by minute wrestler's share the offence.

It's worth noting how the picture-in-picture affected the pace of the match and that Hayter dominated 4/7 of the minutes that comprised the match, with Velvet dominating 2/7.Velvet also went 2 minutes without any offence.

Orange Cassidy vs Matt Hardy

I don't know why this match went on first, it's a bizarre breakaway from the usual banger-opener. This one was slow and character based. Note the Taunts! Cassidy gave Hardy a lot, even by his standards in order to build his comeback. Note Hardy's Grapples, he hit 6 of those in a 4 minute period with 3 of them occurring in a 90 minute period within that 4 minutes. This was reminiscent of Wardlow repeatedly Powerbombing Jericho during the picture-in-picture section of that match, which should be the opposite of a Dynamite opener.

The minute-by-minute Flow of Offence really emphasises how one-sided the first 7 minutes of this match was. With only 14 reversals in the whole match this is not the usual high-paced, trying to out-do each other that was are accustomed to. A plus point is that when Cassidy turned it up, it was thrilling, perhaps due to the extreme nature of the contrast that his fast-paced and explosivity brought.

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