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Contributors Wanted!


Do you have a passion for a wrestling promotion, not already covered by PWM statistics?

   I would be delighted to add contributors with a passion for wrestling and creating content that fits the Pro Wrestling Musings style to the site.

   If you watch a promotion or brand not currently covered by PWM and would like to use the PWM League Standings model, create Power Ratings or review matches as a contributor to, please get in touch!

Ideas for Possible Contributors!

AEW Power Rankings - Weekly of monthly Power Rankings either fora division or an overall power rankings. This would be part subjective and part statistical. Statistics from PWM would be used. Winning streaks, form or titles would be a big influence but writers could also reference in-ring statistics. For example, kudos given to top strikers or those that take punishment and still come out on top.

NJPW Power Rankings - Largely similar to the above but scheduled alongside the NJPW calendar. So installments after big PPVs or tournaments.

NXT Power Rankings or League Standings - I used to run an NXT League table but I lost interest in NXT, unfortunately. If you wanted to take this on... For example

League Standings and/or Power Rankings for your favourite company. I would be keen to host lesser known, high quality companies such as Stardom, AJPW or NOAH.

Opinion pieces using the statistics or graphs. Do you want to write about wrestling in a sports-centric way? This may be one of the more unique opportunities to do so! Base an article on the statistics on this site, what does the in-ring statistics say about booking decisions or wrestler performances? Or create your own graphs or charts using the numbers and write about those!

Match reviews. I create Match Statistics Graphics for big matches but I am not the biggest fan of writing about them. Couple your observations of the match with the numbers I collect for a uniquely sports-centric wrestling article.

Of course, your own ideas and pitches are welcome too!

Cross-posting on this website and PWM, simultaneously would be possible.

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