This is the heart of our website, our spreadsheets catalogue aspects of pro wrestling like no other. Here you will find carefully curated spreadsheets detailing the numbers behind in-ring statistics and wins and losses across the world of wrestling.

In-ring Statistics

Our site runs on the idea of providing Unique Wrestling Statistics, the best example of this is our In-ring Statistics. Via a honed and practiced short-hand method we collect and collate statistics from wrestling matches. In this section you will find a selection of spreadsheets detailing deep dives into wrestling tournaments or calendar years.

Click the images below to go to Dynamic Spreadsheets:

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Styles Make Fights

Styles Make Fights was created by the brilliant Sergei Alderman on top of our AEW In-ring Statistics. It takes our in-ring numbers and runs them through the SMF Dashboard which compares and contrasts wrestlers strengths and weaknesses using percentiles. The SMF Dashboard is fully explained here.

Click below for the link to the interactive SMF Dashboard:

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AEW Metrics

AEW Metrics is brought to you by the ingenious Brian Macdonald and focusses on AEW's commitment to make Wins and Losses Matter. Below you will find Brian's meticulously designed and maintained spreadsheets tracking yearly Wins and Losses. AEW Metrics also includes a metric system that sees wrestlers earn points based on wins, ranking spots and title reigns.