Pro Wrestling Musings is a wrestling media website built around our obsession with professional wrestling and desire to create smart and unique content. This site will be based around collating wrestling statistics and analysing matches and performances.

Pro Wrestling Musings will, hopefully, be for a core audience of wrestling enthusiasts. These enthusiasts will, like us, love taking a deep dive into their hobbies!

Craig - Founder


   I'm Craig from Edinburgh, Scotland and I run this wrestling fan site built around in-ring statistics. I have come up with my own way of gathering statistics whilst watching wrestling matches but taking care not to spoil the enjoyment of the product!

   Since starting this site, I have investigated various ways of using these statistics and presented them via images, writing and via podcast. Since doing this, I feel statistics can be used to enhance the storylines told in the ring. Wrestlers can be build up or characterised via these numbers highlighting strengths or weaknesses in a smart and subtle way.

The PWM Team!

   ProWrestlingMusings is growing! We run a podcast, welcome writers and aim to house similarly minded content creators. Collaboration is always better than going it solo and to ensure PWM grows anyone with a good idea and an ambitious attitude is welcome.

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Griff - Podcast Host/YouTube Design

   Griff comes from a background in Journalism and TV bringing considerable passion and expertise to Pro Wrestling Musings. Based in the US, Griff heads up our weekly Pro Wrestling Musings Podcast, where we break down weekly wrestling focussing on in-ring statistics and story-telling. He also takes the lead on our YouTube channel where he makes fascinating video essays on a range of topical issues. He also runs his own YouTube channel called GA Sports. 


Sergei - Analyst/Podcaster

   Sergei is a master of many skills; from Excel expertise, to analysing stats, to writing and even podcasting. His pride and joy when it comes to Pro Wrestling Musings is his Styles Make Fights series where he previews forth-coming matches using statistics. Who is most likely to use dives? Who is most likely to take the lion's share of the offence? Sergei knows! He has also designed a fully functional SMF Dashboard that you can find on the home page or the menu tab.

Gareth - Writer

   Gareth is the organiser of our Dynamite Roundtable that you can read weekly and learn about our views on wrestling's best weekly show. Gareth has also written opinion pieces for the website and is making his podcast debut soon! He is also very active on Wrestling Twitter where he is either making really thoughtful nuanced points or is doing the absolute opposite; did someone say long term story telling?

Anthony - Writer/Podcaster

   You may be familiar with Anthony's writing where he has been breaking down the numbers behind wrestling viewership and business. Anthony also joins us for podcasts, making appearances fortnightly. Anthony writes and podcasts for Pro Wrestling Musings from Australia and is widely considered one of Wrestling Twitter's good guys!

Dan - Writer/Podcaster

   You will find Dan's work via our Roundtables and Podcasts. A watcher of all things wrestling, Dan particularly enjoys Stardom and AEW. A big fan of Mayu Iwatani and, less fortunately, Tottenham Hotspurs, Dan has been a long time contributor to PWMusings. He has written statistics-based match reviews, analysis of how matches are rated and has podcasted across 3 iterations of 'Musings stats Podcasts. Follow him on Twitter for some very niche wrestling poetry.

Tim - Writer/Statistician

   A long time contributor, Tim made his first contribution to Pro Wrestling Musings in February 2020. He has now contributed to roundtables, written statistical analyses of factions and is now developing his own collation of statistics through analysing old matches. You will find Tim's Retro Review series on our home page.

Chester - Writer/Analysis

   Chester is an absolute master of analysing TV ratings. He caught the attention with one of the best collations of TV ratings for the formerly 'Wednesday Night War'. Chester's current project is based on AEW dynamite ratings in a more detail-orientated way as he looks at quarter hour trends and presents them more clearly than anybody else out there.

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