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The Bucks are the Best at Everything | AEW Dynamite In-ring Stats | Houston: 18.08.21

AEW Dynamite In-ring Stats and Young Bucks Style Change

This week's AEW Dynamite may have been headlined by the finale of MJF vs Chris Jericho but the most exciting match of the night was the Young Bucks versus Jurassic Express. This match saw the Young Bucks take their heel schtick into the ring against a past opponent in the Jurassic Express.

Today we are going to look at this match and how the Young Bucks have changed their style since turning heel...

Jurassic Express vs Young Bucks - AEW World Tag Team Championships

A headline figure here is the Match Offence; only 38% going to the champions. This is closely followed by Jurassic Expresses' Strikedown Rate of a whopping 46%.

Jurassic Express used a huge amount of Strikedowns and Grapples to put themselves over as a offence-rich tag team much in the ilk of the Young Bucks pre-heel turn. This is most represented by their Big Offence; 73% of the Big Offence was utilised by the Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus dominated the total Match Offence but their usage of Big Offence underscored their dominance in terms of getting in offence even more so.

The Bucks were able to keep up with Jurassic Express only in terms of Dives which is interesting as they had been severely curtailing Dives since their heel turn. As has been more typical since their heel turn the Bucks utilised an enormous amount of Taunts and Fouls.

Tag Team cohesion was fairly even, slightly more Tags from Jurassic Express and slightly more Double Teams from Young Bucks. The Young Bucks were the only team to block their opponents from making a tag.

Very different Flow of Offences here. The Young Bucks are consistent throughout the match. They kept Jurassic Express under pressure throughout but they really struggled to get in a large amount of offence very often at all.

Whereas, the Jurassic Express fought a far more topsy-turvy match. They rose and fell with large flurries and then periods underneath.

So here we have a sample of the Young Bucks' metrics as heels since their turn in April.

As you can see in April against Death Triangle, they were still hitting a rich array of offensive moves but with a plethora of Taunts and Fouls. Against the Varsity Blondes, they were still using a lot of Dives and Strikedowns but Grapples had been dropped quite a lot, still loads of Taunts but not as many Fouls.

In a long match against Moxley and Kingston, the Bucks Grapples were low again with Strikedowns somewhat middling however Fouls still aren't too huge here. Similar patterns against Kingston and Penta, extremely limited Grapples, somewhat limited Strikedowns.

To fully appreciate how curtailed these numbers are we need to have a look at what came before the turn...

Straight out the gates in a sort match against TH2, the Bucks have almost double digits for Strikedowns, Grapples and Dives. The other three matches are similar with the exception of the PnP match; however even there the Grapples are notably higher than their heel matches.

You'll also notice the Bucks still Taunt as heels but not to the extent as their heel personas but their Fouls are limited to almost nil. Also to be noted is their share of the total Match Offence which has a tendency to be a lot higher as babyfaces.

Other matches that took place on AEW Dynamite were:

- Darby Allin and Sting versus 2point0

- Sammy Guevara vs Shawn Spears

- Thunder Rosa vs Penelope Ford

- Chris Jericho vs MJF


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