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AEW Rampage: The First Dance | In-ring Statistics

The Jurassic Express - In Focus

The First Dance was momentous as CM Punk entered a wrestling ring for the first time in 7 years. But there were also 3 matches on the show that, understandably, have been in the shade of CM Punk's big return to the ring. The 4 person tournament for a shot at the tag titles started with the Jurassic Express getting an immediate chance to earn a rematch against the Bucks and Dani Garcia got his Jon Moxley wish.

Jurassic Express vs Private Party

There aren't many heel tag teams that tend to outdo the babyfaces in terms of Dives, especially when the babyfaces include Jungle Boy, however Private Party did just that. They also dominated the grinding offence with Submission and simple Strikes. However Jurassic Express used hard-hitting BigOffence in the form of Grapples and Strikedowns.

Private Party spent the first half of the match with a very consistent output before dipping, peaking and falling away. Jurassic Express saw their Offence rise and fall at a much more extreme velocity.

Jurassic Express - A Tale of Two Cities...

The differences between Jurassic Expresses' performances in Houston and Chicago are very similar in terms of output however what they conceded to their opponents varied more. They were able to allow Private Party a lot of simple Strikes and a little Submission without being hurt too much. Against the Bucks their opponents made their Strikedowns and Double Teams seem like the difference.

Against Private Party, Jurassic Express were more confident by only using Pin Attempts sparingly and were more focussed limiting Taunts. They also kept things simple, Tagging less and using individual offence.

The Flow of Offences of the Bucks and Private Party are remarkably similar, consistency throughout with a peak towards the end. The same is true of Jurassic Express in terms of similarity of performances, however a difference coming in the intensity of the peaks they achieved being higher against the Bucks. This is also reflected in the Match Offence.

In-ring Stats for Jon Moxley vs Daniel Garcia:


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