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Omega Bounces Back Against Andrade | Kenny Omega vs Andrade | AAA Triplemania XXIX

After a first loss in 643 days, Kenny Omega avoided losing a second championship in two days by scraping past Andrade. This was a match that saw former NXT Champion and the holder of the highest rated WWE match on GRAPPL take on the man that holds the highest rated match on GRAPPL clash in what should have been a match of the year contender. It did not live up to those heights. Read on for what it says about Kenny Omega and his current run.

Andrade vs Kenny Omega - AAA Mega Championship

This is a very similar offensive split to Omega's match with Christian. Against Christian Omega only led in Strikedowns in terms of the offensive categories, that's similar here with the addition of Submission. Omega's victory seems to be built off of hitting Strikedowns wherever possible and using Fouls to gain unfair advantages.

This was a hugely back and forth match, the big difference between the competitors was that Andrade hit Omega with bigger/more offence whenever the tide swung back in his direction. Omega held the advantage for the first 9 minutes and Andrade took more of the advantage after this. Fascinatingly, this is how Omega structured his match against Christian. The 9 minute mark proving pivotal.

Again we can see Omega's early match control before Andrade starts getting in more offence. Omega almost pulls it back around minute 14, but Andrade pulls away and continues to do so until the end of the match. The biggest gaps occurring up until Omega hits the One-Winged Angel highlighting that Omega's win was against the tide.

Comparing Omega's Recent Championship Matches

It's hard to point to trends here out with the inverse which is that there aren't too many trends. At first it looks like Omega tends to give up Strikes to his opponents, except from against Jungle Boy. Then it appears he always dominates Strikedowns, but certainly not against Jungle Boy. Grapples are highly variable, Dives seem to be phased out and Submission tends to be less used, except against Andrade.

With the exception of hi match against Jon Moxley, he tends to be out manoeuvred in terms of Reversals by his opponents. Again with one exception; against Christian, he tends to go for a lot of Pin Attempts. This is again the pattern with Fouls, not vs Jon Moxley, and Taunts, not vs Andrade.

It seems Omega has patterns to his match but is more than capable of adjusting them when a dynamic requires it. The need for the underdog babyface using Strikedowns to hit hard and fast was necessary in his match against Jungle Boy. He hadn't quite gone full-heel against Jon Moxley so he was still taking to the air. He used Submissions to build the heat in his Andrade match which lacked a proper babyface. Christian needed to be the better wrestler so he gave up most categories and depended on 'hit and run' style tactics.


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