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The Wednesday Night Ratings - 15/10/2020

Hello and welcome back to the most comprehensive ratings article for all your weekly wrestling TV needs. This week saw Raw and Smackdown have the draft, traditionally a ratings draw, and AEW Dynamite's one year anniversary, which had 4 different title matches so was sure to pull in some viewers, so how did they all do? Let's dive into the numbers and see.

AEW were up in total viewers from last week, but that was against the VP debates so doesn't really count for anything this week. Despite all the hype they managed to drop in P18-49, scoring a 0.3 (down 3.2%), good for a 15th place finish. For total viewers they scored a respectable 826k, but that's still a low number for a very stacked show. The most notable stat from the other demos is their 37.5% drop in F12-34 (0.16 to 0.1), which is a stunningly big one week drop and definitely something to keep an eye on.

NXT failed to make the Top 50 again, this time just losing out with a 51st place finish and a 0.17, up 6.2% from last week. They also scored 651k total viewers, up 1.9% from last week. Overall pretty much level, which isn't great on the build to Halloween Havoc but still nothing especially horrible just yet, especially if they can get back in the Top 50 soon.

Raw and Smackdown both had the Draft and both saw moderate gains all round. In total viewers Smackdown gained 2.2% (2.042m to 2.087), and Raw gained a solid 10% (1.855m to 1.686m). In P18-49 Raw was up 8.9% (0.52 to 0.57) and Smackdown gained 9.1% (0.55 to 0.6). These are all up from last which is good, but for a show that is usually a big ratings hit these aren't exceptional. The big test is the future once the new brands settle in and when (if) the new stories start.

That's it for the summary, below is all the data for every demographic, if you have any further questions I'm on Twitter @WhyIsChester and the site is @PWMusings, and while you're here why not check out some of the other great writing.


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