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AEW Elevation and DARK Numbers – Follow up

We are back today to look at the numbers behind AEW’s YouTube shows and to see if they have improved or declined. Last time we covered the shows between the 15/03/2021 to 12/04/2021 in my article called, Is AEW Dark and Elevation growing?

In that article we discovered that Dark was declining while Elevation was all over the place.

For this analysis I focus on Views, Likes, Dislikes, Comments and run time.

This is to get an idea of if the engagement is down or up and if a longer run time means less engagement.

So, let’s cover some AEW. I’ll be looking at the last 4 weeks just like we did in the last article.

AEW Dark

Episode 95, 30/06/2021 – 275,955 views, 6,200 likes, 175 dislikes, 1,047 comments, 1:32:16 run time.

Episode 96, 07/07/2021 – 337,945 views, 7,300 likes, 221 dislikes, 1,363 comments, 2:03:09 run time.

Episode 97, 14/07/2021 - 331,950 views, 6,600 Likes, 228 dislikes, 1,275 comments, 1:57:13 run time.

Episode 98, 21/07/2021 – 236,259 views, 6,300 likes, 158 dislikes, 1,160 comments, 47:03 run time.

Total views 1,183,109

By looking at this 4-week snapshot we can see that DARK is stable with an extra 100,000 potentially not watching week to week. That said if we compare the total views to my last snapshot from between 23/03/2021 and 13/04/2021. It’s dropped from 1,274,431Total views.

That said the views per episode were in roughly the same range. So, DARK can be considered as being stable with its viewership but slightly down.

AEW Elevation

Episode 16, 29/06/2021 – 384,500 Views, 8,100 likes, 255 dislikes, 1,215 comments, 1:31:34 Run time.

Episode 17, 06/07/2021 – 263,960 Views, 6,600 Likes, 175 dislikes, 895 comments, 43:43 run time.

Episode 18, 13/07/2021 – 660,989 Views, 11,000 likes, 376 dislikes, 1682 comments, 1:52:44 run time.

Episode 19, 20/07/2021 – 407,882 views, 9,300 likes, 256 dislikes, 1,411 comments, 1:34.13 run time.

Total Views 1,717,331

Once again, we see Elevation all over the place being very high one week and low the next. During the last article Elevation did 3,602,383 views however this was when it just started, so there was a lot more hype around it.

Elevation is a very interesting show to look at with the views because it’s so seemingly random. We will have to revisit this because we need to see if the numbers become stable.

The most surprising data we can see is that the two lowest viewed shows belong to the two shortest shows. Which again when we compare that to my last article it’s the same. The two shortest episodes of Dark and Elevation both had the less views.

This is surprising because I see online a lot of people say they don’t watch because it’s too long, but the numbers show those shorted shows provide more views.

I will be sure to revisit this in a few months again because it’s interesting to see how these shows are trending and if there are being watched. The answer currently is they are doing very well.


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