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Wrestler Ratings | This Week’s AEW Collision: 22/07/2023

In this revived series, we will be doing a series on wrestler ratings for each week’s episode of AEW: Collision.

A 1 to 10 point scale will be used each week to score wrestlers who appear on AEW Collision. Wrestlers who partake in matches and in-ring promos will be scored as follows:

Note: Not all personalities who appear will be scored i.e. wrestlers in backstage promos or interviews, jobbers.

*In this week’s episode, Andrade, Julia Hart, Nick Comorato and The Gunns were not scored.*

Let’s take a look at this week’s ratings:

Ricky Starks - 8

Starks opened this week’s Collision with an infinite stream of pyrotechnics to celebrate his very clean and well deserved win against CM Punk last week in the final of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

‘Old’ Ricky is back, stylin’ and dripping with the same arrogance and flamboyance that got him over as a star in the first place. As likeable as he is, his current persona is more rewarding to his career that any face run will do for him. The heel work is beautifully executed on the mic and in the ring this way, and now there is a show that exists which can shoot him to the main event scene. This week, the Absolute one stole the win once again in the main event, keeping up the momentum thus gifting him the highest score on this week’s Collision episode.

Bullet Club Gold - 7

After last week’s contender for Match of the Year, Bullet Club Gold were in action against Darius Martin and Action Andretti. There was no momentum lost here nor in last week’s loss against FTR, as they picked up a win on Collision - accompanied by their newest members, The Gunn’s. Ever since the inaugural episode, Juice Robinson has looked Jay White’s equal. Together, they are nicely forming the backbone of AEW’s Saturday nights. Long may it continue.

House of Black - 7

It looked like Buddy Murphy did not want any of that smoke from Max Caster’s impending Rhea Ripley diss, promptly cutting The Acclaimed’s entrance short. That set the precedence for the match, with HoB controlling for the most part. In some ways, we’re used to seeing any combination of Malakai, Brody and Buddy play slowly and methodically towards a win. However, this match impressively felt like the complete opposite. My guys.

Christian & Luchasaurus - 7

I for one really enjoy seeing Christian Cage on my television. There always seems to be a moment where he makes you burst out laughing hideously. This week’s moment was his character’s lack of self awareness when he was having a dig at CM Punk for thinking he was a rightful champion, whilst carrying the TNT Title on his shoulder.

With a team win on Collision, there came some good heel work that involved Luchasaurus on ringside turning into a brick wall and Christian displaying some of that veteran tag team skill. There was a moment where Starks baits CM Punk into chasing him around the ring just before Darby wants to tag out. As soon as Punk realises the setup, he races to get back onto the apron, only for Christian to wipe Darby out of commission. There was something really cool about Christian hanging with CM Punk in 2023 whilst running it with two of the AEW’s top young stars.

CM Punk - 6

It is not very clear right now whether the company wants CM Punk to be a heel or a babyface. As of lately, the deciding factor is the feel of the crowd that Collision takes place in. This week, Punk was working both sides of the coin. He began the night trashing Newark and by the end of the night was hot-tagged in the main event for the babyface shine.

There was a subtle tease made by Punk at being the ‘real’ AEW World Heavyweight Champion, which may point to being a face for the time being if a title feud with MJF is going to be revisited this summer. That aside, Punk currently being the man that elevates Ricky Starks to superstardom status is a perfect choice.

Sky Blue - 6

The match between Taya Valkyrie and Sky Blue probably tied the main event as the 2nd joint best match on this week’s show. It was an even contest, with both women getting in considerable portions of offense time. With Sky Blue getting more popular by the week, it’s apparent that her storytelling and wrestling ability is also on the upward trajectory.

Darby Allin - 6

Darby’s promo skills are improving. This one came across as a bit phoney and made little sense to come out and align himself with the guy that just cut a heel promo 10 seconds beforehand. But hey-ho, it set up a pretty neat main event. Eating much of the hits in this match, Darby had a good match overall. The highlight was probably the Scorpion Death Drop from the second rope on Starks which looked really cool.

Darius Martin – 6

It was nice to see Darius get a showing here. There wasn’t anything wrong with the Top Flight star’s performance. The cool highlight was the teamwork spot where Darius and Andretti hit a dropkick into a German Suplex. Here’s to hoping that Darius can continue to gather momentum under some spotlight without unfortunate injuries curtailing him when he really does not need them to.

Action Andretti – 6

Much like Darius, it was another good performance. How does Andretti make everything he does looks so smooth? This is wildly impressive for some who has only been wrestling for a few years. The drop off in momentum since his debut win versus Chris Jericho has been disappointing. Teaming with Top Flight is definitely a good fit that will help Andretti create an identity for himself.

Miro – 5

This was a standard squash match against Nick Comorato, which didn’t take up much TV time but served its purpose and provided enough time to soak up all of Miro’s energy. He seemed more fired up than usual, which worked in sync with a hot crowd. Now the question is, who is he going to feud with? If it’s going to be a big guy, Samoa Joe or Powerhouse Hobbs would be… exquisite.

The Acclaimed - 5

This week, the trios didn’t get to scissor or win. On top of that, daddy issues… In case you missed it, Malakai Black whispered something unbeknownst to the viewers which prompted Billy Gunn to erratically have a mid-life crisis and take his boots off. Any pro wrestling fan will know that is wrestling’s version of throwing in the towel – permanently. If this is indeed the end, it’s been a helluva ride, Billy. If not, it’ll be so sweet seeing Daddy Ass deservedly win gold for the last time in his career. But that’s a mammoth task in destroying all that is sinister and dominant in Trios champions House of Black right now.

FTR - 5

As of lately, it has been quite pleasant to see Cash Wheeler be able to get on the mic. He ain’t half bad. Cash brought an intimidating energy with him, teasing a warning to Adam Cole about MJF’s impending betrayal, even referencing The Pinnacle (remember that?)

Dax alike, hyped next week’s match against Cole and MJF. It was nice seeing an uninterrupted promo on the show. It didn’t take up much time, and ultimately served its purpose without providing us with anything special.

Taya Valkyrie - 5

This little section brings me back to the same issue I’m seeing with CM Punk. There’s too much inconsistency in the role being portrayed. Are you a heel? Are you a babyface? At Battle of the Belts, Taya challenged Toni Storm to a title match and obviously played a babyface.

This week, she was a heel. It is clearly as day that being a heel suits her game better - demeanour, wrestling style and presentation wise. Going forward, it looks like the heel persona will stick as a battle with Britt Baker awaits. The promo that lead to that after the match didn’t land very well. The flow wasn’t there, and it was awkward like the one with Toni Storm. The good match showing saves her score, but it’s been knocked down a peg for that poor promo.

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