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Lariate’s TV Ratings | August 29th to September 4th.

Hello and welcome to the first issue of TV Rating's brought to you by Lariate_Wrestle featured on Pro Wrestling Musings.



RAW Ratings (29th August) :


● Ratings : 2 107 000 (+5,09 %) & 0.59 in the 18-49 [+0.04]

● Ratings per hour :

○ H1 : [P2+ : 2 163 000]  [18-49 : 0.59]  [Cable Pos : 2]

○ H2 : [P2+ : 2 222 000]  [18-49 : 0.64]  [Cable Pos : 1]

○ H3 : [P2+ : 1 937 000]  [18-49 : 0.54]  [Cable Pos : 3]


For the third time this month, RAW reached over 2,000,000 viewers on the last Monday before Clash at the Castle. Something that had not happened for over 2 years now and the beginning of the pandemic. This concludes a successful month of August for the red show now under the orders of Paul "Triple H" Levesque in the creative aspect.


It is even reported by Sean Ross Sapp (Fightful & Fightful Select) that the USA Network is very satisfied with the changes made and the recent ratings.


The biggest challenge for Hunter is still to come with the return of the NFL on September 12 and even before with College Football. We'll have to see how the show fares against the very high ratings of Football and if RAW manages to keep a good part of its P2 and its 18-49 demo.

Ratings NXT 2.0 (30 August) :

● Ratings : 676 000 (-0,29 %) & 0.15 in the 18-49 [+0.01]

● Cable Pos : 6 th.


Slight loss of audience on P2+ with on the contrary a gain on 18-49. A positive trend seems to be starting to emerge in the last few weeks despite the fact that the NXT Worlds Collide Go Home Show did not attract more viewers.


The show was facing the first rounds of the US Open aired on ESPN (1,072,000 and 0.26). With the end of NXT UK, we'll have to see if the formula adapts while waiting for NXT Europe and if more talent coming from the Main Roster is in store to try and boost ratings.


Ratings AEW Dynamite (31 August) :

● Ratings : 1 020 000 (-2,76 %) & 0.35 in the 18-49 [+0.01]

● Cable Pos : 2 nd.

● Peak audience → Q1: 1,189,000 (and about 0.38 in 18-49).

This included promos from Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia as well as entries from Bryan Danielson and Jack Hager. Many thanks to Brandon Thurston for this quarterly data.


A highly anticipated episode for the last Dynamite before All Out. Solid ratings that place the show 2nd on cable noting that Dynamite systematically finishes 1st or 2nd on cable over the last 14 weeks. This is reassuring in a context where American TV is down this summer and that despite lower numbers than last year, AEW has managed to stay at the top of cable.


An episode that was also able to resist the US Open and the match of the American Serena Williams, which greatly attracted the public on ESPN (2,273,000 & 0.51 in the 18-49 demographic).


However, there was a notable increase in the "Male 12-34" category for Dynamite, from 0.19 to 0.24.

Ratings Smackdown (2 September) :

● Ratings : 2 077 000 (+4,37 %) & 0.49 in the 18-49 [+0.01]


Smackdown didn't take advantage of the Hunter effect as much as RAW did in August. A rather complex episode since the show was pre-taped (the talents were going to Cardiff for the PLE Clash at the Castle).


Big sports competition for the blue show and for Rampage (which we will talk about below) with the US Open which made a very good score on ESPN with 4 561 000 viewers and 0.92 on the 18-49. Also of note is College Football which scores 1,345,000 and 0.35 in the 18-49 demo.

Ratings AEW Rampage (2 September) :

● Ratings : 485 000 (-2,76 %) & 016 in the 18-49 [+0.05]

● Cable Pos : 11th.


There were a lot of people in front of the TV tonight. As for all the Rampage that precede a PPV, the show was well broadcasted live (and not pre-recorded) and this is reflected in the ratings. Despite a tough competition (US Open and College Football as mentioned above), the show was able to maintain itself and deliver nice scores. One more proof that a live episode usually brings in more audience.


Questions may have to be asked about this show which would benefit from being on another time slot and being live. It remains to be seen if this is possible.

For updates on WWE and AEW tv ratings, please follow Lariate Wrestle on Twitter @Larite_Wrestle.


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