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The Wednesday Night Ratings - 08/10/2020

Hi and welcome to the weekly ratings article! This was a big challenge for wrestling ratings, with Smackdown going up against the NBA Finals, Raw having competition with the NFL, and the Wednesday Night Shows going up against the Vice Presidential Debates. How did they all hold up? Read on to find out

AEW did drop to 19th place, but given the VP debates did over 50 million total viewers that's not too bad really. In total viewers they dropped 13.1% in total viewers from 866k to 753k but only 6% in P18-49 (0.33 to a 0.31). They were down in every granular demo except for F18-49, which was even. In P50+they dropped 23.5% from a 0.34 to their joint second lowest ever number of a 0.26.

NXT failed to reach the Top 50, meaning we have a lot less info. But they dropped 12.7% in total viewers (732k to 639k) and 15.8% in P18-49 (0.19 to 0.16). Not exceptional numbers but given the crazy competition this week there isn't a major concern, it all depends on how they bounce back.

Raw held up surprisingly well against the NFL, dropping 7.5% in total viewers (1,822,000 to 1,686,000) and 4.3% in P18-49 (0.55 to 0.52). This is a good rating for them to have, but it might prove that the fans who normally leave WWE to watch football have already left, meaning they won't get the same spike once the football ends. Still, this was a good week and if they can hold up like this for the next few months then they should be okay. One interesting note is that they were 44th on cable for total viewers, which is a shockingly low number, and shows how big cable news was on Monday.

Smackdown was also down slightly, the NBA finals did the worst numbers they've ever down which helped the show keep its numbers pretty high. They only dropped 3.2% in total viewers (2,110,000 to 2,042,000) and 8.3% in P18-49 (0.6 to 0.55)


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