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The Wednesday Night Ratings - 01/10/2020

Hello and welcome back to what was a good week for ratings all round, every show was up in both P18-49 and total viewers, despite sports competition throughout the week.

AEW had a pretty good week, the advertising of Moxley and Cody probably helped them hold up against the MLB and they pulled in a respectable 866k viewers (up 3.7%) and a 0.33 in P18-49 (up 3.1%). They dropped 0.02 in M12-34 to a 0.16 but made up those numbers in P25-54 (up 5.3% to a 0.4) and P50+ where they scored a 0.34. They only lost to NXT in P50+ by 0.03 which is the closest margin since July.

NXT had a good week for their go home show to TakeOver. They got an impressive 732k total viewers which was up 5.2%, and they had a 0.19 in P18-49, up from the 0.18 last week but still a low number, as you can see from their 50th place finish in the charts. However for a show with no major matches, and the main hook being a Shawn Michaels appearance, these are good numbers. There isn't any real news in the other demos, they were either level or slightly up across the board.

Raw and Smackdown had similar weeks, the build to and fall out from Clash of Champions helped their numbers, as did a well-received Roman Reigns segment and the advertising of Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Christian, and Ric Flair for Raw. Smackdown got 2.11 million viewers (up 8.0%) and Raw got 1.822m viewers (up 9.3%) which is their best number since the post-Summerslam show. The P18-49 tells a similar story, Raw got a 0.55, their best in 4 weeks, and Smackdown got a 0.6, up from the 0.5 last week.

This was a good week overall, if the shows keep this growth up they'll all be happy, which is good for the business.

Below are all the numbers and graphs, if you have any questions or comments I'm on twitter @WhyIsChester and while you're here why not check out the other writing here on Pro Wrestling Musings.


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