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Tag Team Fire Show | AEW Rampage In-ring Statistics | Milwaukee: 17.08.21

Lucha Bros Return to the Title Picture at Last

This will be a relatively short one as I am determined not to write just to create content for content's sake. AEW Rampage was a good show, however not too much of note went down in the ring out-with the spectacular and explosive opening tag team number one contenders match. So without further ado...

Jurassic Express vs Lucha Bros

The 11 minute match time is the 11 minutes shown on FITE TV. The usual Fite-exclusive during the adverts action was not included in this broadcast, unfortunately. However even without the 3 or so minutes missing from these stats, a lot happened here.

The Jurassic Express continued their trend of out-doing their opponents, significantly, in terms of strikedowns even against the explosive strikers in the Lucha Bros. This trend was reversed with the exact same context in the other direction in terms of dives. Most of the rest of this match was very even with the Lucha Bros appearing most keen to put away their opponents, as indicated by pin attempts.

This match was quite sparse in terms of tag offence. The Jurassic Express only used 3 tags and no double teams at all. This match was presented under the guise of sportsmanship as both teams are playing face in context to the heel Bucks, this was exemplified by the complete absence of fouls.

Despite coming away from this match feeling like it was a fireworks display, this was achieved with periods of restrictive action throughout. Upon returning from commercial break, Jurassic Express exploded into action after a, presumed, period of Lucha Brothers' dominance. The other big explosion of offence in this match came at the end as the Lucha Bros hit a succession of grapples and Super Kicks.

As you can see, the presentation of the Jurassic Express' match structure didn't change too much just as we saw similarities between their Private Party and Young Bucks matches, last week. Another mid match spike with a hot ending, just with their opponent's supplying the winning burst of action this time around. Even their in-ring metric totals are very similar!

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