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AEW Power Rankings | Women's Singles | Feb 14th 2022

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It's been a relatively quiet month for the Women's division, with the World Champion not doing much. The big news has been the first TBS champion Jade Cargill being an excellent fighting champion, Serena Deeb's growing into the arrogance of her professor role, and the slow burn of the chip on Leyla Hirch's shoulder.

Here is the Attribute Matrix I used to rank the prominence of the women of AEW over the past month:


#1) Jade Cargill

Last month #1, TBS Champion

Power-ups: Defending her TBS title week in and week out, in entertaining wins, not just in squashes, or against established top talents. An entertaining back-and-forth bout against the debuting AQA proves that she no longer has to prove she's not too green for her role.

Power-downs: Nothing! Jade is killing it!

#2) Dr. Britt Baker, DMD

Last month #3, World Champion

Power-ups: World Champion

Power-downs: ducking Thunder Rosa before she even got ranked, and in the process alienating her own muscle--Hayter by bringing in Mercedes, Mercedes by criticizing how she went about it

#3) Serena Deeb

Last month #9, Professor

Power-ups: Professor of pain

Power-downs: seems to be avoiding competitive matches

#4) Leyla Hirsch

Last month not ranked, Legit

Power-ups: intriguing new chip on her shoulder

Power-downs: honestly, I'd rather root for her

#5) Thunder Rosa

Last month not ranked, La Mera Mera

Power-ups: Seems to have the World champ running scared

Power-downs: weakness to lead pipes

#6) Red Velvet

Last month not ranked

Power-ups: Involved in an intriguing program with Leyla Hirsch

Power-downs: Leyla Hirsch is the intriguing part

#7) Nyla Rose

Last month not ranked

Power-ups: Got her win back from the Runaway, Ruby Soho

Power-downs: No direction

#8) Anna Jay

Last month #8

Power-ups: only participant in last month's bloody tag match to connect that to what they are currently doing, claiming that it changed her

Power-downs: not enough to Slay the TBS champion

Note: every other participant in that match was ranked last month, but only one made the rankings this month, and did not build on that notoriety. I hope that the rewards for their sacrifices are merely delayed and not forgotten

#9) Julia Harrrt

Last month not seaworthy

Power-ups: eyepatch

Power-downs: eyepatch

#10) Kris Statlander

Last month not ranked

Power-ups & downs: see Velvet, Red


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