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AEW Power Rankings | Women's Singles | January 10th 2022

It's been an interesting month for the women's division, with a first TBS champ being crowned, and long-running feuds coming to a dramatic head. I have created a worksheet that allows me to track the usage of the women competitors, so I don't forget anything, see below:

Every match counts toward the overall score, even a loss does a little, as you at least are getting opportunity to compete. The only exception is a loss on Dark, as that is a lot like being used as enhancement, so it counts against you. The "High Profile" column is a fudge factor to allow me to put a value on any non-match items such as holding or competing for a title, or having a high profile feud, a marquee match, or an iconic moment.

#1) Jade Cargill

Power-ups: Several high-profile wins, undefeated, tournament winner, and first TBS champion. A humanizing moment with her daughter that may portend an intriguing change of heart down the road.

Power-downs: a bit wobbly on match quality, but this is a kayfabe list, so... I'll frame that as: possibly too green for the pressures of defending her new title week in and week out.

#2) Ruby Soho

Power-ups: Major wins took her to the finals of the tournament

Power-downs: Can she win when it really counts?

#3) Britt Baker

Power-ups: World Champion. Won to retain in big main event match, finally overcoming her rival

Power-downs: Competed very little, although she overcame Riho in the end, she gave the impression she had been ducking her

#4) Tay Conti

Power-ups: Got the win in an extremely heated, high-profile, bloody blow-off battle

Power-downs: May be overshadowed by the Bunny's bloody but unbowed photogenic moment

#5) Riho

Power-ups: Two wins over the World Champion in the past two months

Power-downs: Christian was in the same spot a couple months ago, look where that got him

#6) The Bunny

Power-ups: Looked like a warrior in defeat, something that worked out very well for the current World champion in the past year

Power-downs: Not very active in any other prominent matches lately

#7) Hikaru Shida

Power-ups: Came out on top in the blow off of the most prominent grudge feud in the division

Power-downs: Inactive outside of the one match

#8) Anna Jay

Power-ups: On the winning side of an extremely heated, high-profile, bloody street fight

Power-downs: Not as memorable as her partner

#9) Penelope Ford

Power-ups: Part of an extremely heated, high-profile, bloody street fight

Power-downs: Didn't bleed, not as memorable as others in the fight

#9T) Serena Deeb

Power-downs: Came up short against her rival again, not active in-ring beyond the one match

Power-ups: Looks like and is treated like an absolute killer, had the iconic JR sit-down


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