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AEW Power Rankings | Women's Singles | 21st November

A month has passed since the last set of Power Rankings for the AEW women's division (available at AEW Power Rankings | Women's Singles | 19th October ( but in many ways not a huge amount has changed. We still have the same dominant champion, and almost all of the women in the list below were also in the top 10 back in October.

One major difference though is that the TBS Title Tournament is now well under way, and is very much the focus of the division right now. The four opening round matches have been held, and two of the four semi-finalists have also already been confirmed as we race towards the crowning of the first ever TBS Champion.

So who has moved up and down our kayfabe rankings, and who was the one person able to break into the much-coveted top 10?

#1 Dr. Britt Baker DMD (Non-Mover)

There seems to be no shaking Dr Britt Baker DMD from the top of the AEW tree right now. In recent weeks she survived a brutal 'Trick or Treat' match with Abadon and also conquered Tay Conti at Full Gear to retain her AEW Women's Championship. So what's next for Tony Schiavone's best buddy? It seems we are on the long journey to the much anticipated battle with Thunder Rosa, although the latter currently remains focused on that TBS Title. So whilst the rest of the roster squabble over that belt, Baker is likely to continue reigning supreme in the near future.

#2 Jade Cargill (Non-Mover)

Now 19-0 in 2021, and with a place in the TBS Tournament semi-finals already sewn up, Jade Cargill continues to be a dominant force in the AEW women's division. Another victory over nemesis Red Velvet saw Cargill cruise into that semi-final and she will not fear either Thunder Rosa or Jamie Hayter when she gets to that encounter. No word recently on how her branded wine, perfume and other business interests are going, but if she continues in this form she'll soon have a shiny new belt to bring to her marketing material.

#3 Thunder Rosa (Non-Mover)

Sitting at number 2 in the AEW Women's Rankings (behind Jade Cargill) Thunder Rosa has a fairly full dance-card right now. Her immediate focus appears to be on the TBS Title Tournament with her quarter-final match with Jamie Hayter coming up this week, but you feel that it is Hayter's 'boss' that Rosa may be more interested in long-term. Wins over Team Britt (with Tay-Jay) and a win with Hikaru Shida over Hayter and Nyla Rose at Full Gear mean Rosa is in good form. Can she continue to beat the numbers game against Hayter, or will that match be the catalyst for a tilt at the world title of a certain dentist.

#4 Nyla Rose (Up 6 Places)

Despite being on the losing team at Full Gear, and having a fairly mediocre record in 2021 of 32-14, Nyla Rose has leapt up our Power Rankings. Primarily this is due to her Serena-Deeb assisted victory over Hikaru Shida on Dynamite this week, which gave Rose a place in the TBS Tournament semi-final whilst also moving her ahead of Shida as the winningest member of the women's division (52 wins overall). Her semi-final will be against either Ruby Soho or Kris Statlander, and I cannot imagine either woman is looking forward to a contest with the Native Beast.

#5 Ruby Soho (Non-Mover)

Ruby Soho is unbeaten in the last month, racking up quick wins on Dark and Dark Elevation over Charlie Kruel and Hyan as well as a tag victory with Ryo Mizunami against Nyla Rose and Emi Sakura. The most significant victory though was in the first round of the TBS Tournament where she defeated Penelope Ford despite attempted shenanigans from The Bunny. Ruby even found time to step in to hold crazy Eddie Kingston back in his car-park confrontation with CM Punk. Her quarter-final match with Kris Statlander promises to be a great contest, and she remains one of the favourites for the tournament.

#6 Kris Statlander (Up 1 Place)

Unless you've been watching Dark and Dark Elevation, you won't have seen much of Kris Statlander recently. Her YouTube bothering activities though have seen her pick up three wins on the spin in trios matches and her 18-2 singles record in 2021 remains impressive. All of that will count for nought though if she loses her quarter-final match with Ruby Soho, and if that defeat does come then it's unclear what is next for the Galaxy's Greatest Alien.

#7 Tay Conti (Down 4 Places)

Unfortunately the biggest loser in this month's rankings, Tay Conti's impressive 2021 momentum came to a shuddering halt at the hands of Britt Baker at Full Gear. The Brazilian star remains at number 4 in the official AEW Women's Rankings, and with Anna Jay she did get back on the winning trail this week on Dark Elevation. Yet it's clear that it will be a while now until Tay is given another world title opportunity, meaning she may be limited to a crack at the TBS Title once the first champion is crowned. Superb face-paint at the PPV though.

#8 Jamie Hayter (New Entry)

The only new entry on our list, Jamie Hayter bested Anna Jay in round 1 of the TBS Tournament, and has been touted as the champion-elect by non other than Dr Britt Baker DMD. Yes there may be a little bit of bias in that conclusion, but it does feel like Hayter is on the up. That quarter-final with Thunder Rosa will be the real test of Hayter's mettle, and if she does come through that it would be a hell of a battle against Jade Cargill. Oh and we see you not doing the D.M.D fingers Jamie....we see you.

#9 Hikaru Shida (Non-Mover)

In last month's power rankings, Shida was left bemoaning a pretty gruesome beatdown from Serena Deeb, and one month later Deeb remains her principle foe. Shida did defeat Deeb in the first round of the TBS Tournament, and became the first woman to 50 wins in AEW in the process. However Deeb attacked Shida's knee after that match, and also got involved in her quarter final with Nyla Rose, all resulting in Shida tumbling out of the tournament. So with no title opportunities on the horizon, you feel that Shida will now focus all of her attentions on Serena Deeb, and I for one cannot wait to see them go at it one more time.

#10 Serena Deeb (Down 4 Places)

She lost to Hikaru Shida, thus exiting the TBS Tournament in Round 1, but you get the feeling that Serena Deeb has other things on her mind right now. Her post-match attack on Shida, coupled with that sneak-attack during the match with Nyla Rose, has kept Serena firmly in everyone's minds. All roads appear to lead to Deeb vs Shida part 3, and if the former member of the Straight-Edge Society picks up a win there, it will rightly put both women's champions on notice.


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