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AEW Power Rankings I Factions #4 I December 7th

It's been a bad month for AEW's factions. The Elite lost everything, the Allied Forces had no reason to exist without the Elite, Major Dental has suffered huge losses that has exposed cracks in their foundation, Death Triangle is suffering the physical toll of repeated attacks.

Below is an Attribute Matrix I use to determine my rankings:

#1 - The Pinnacle

Last Week: #3

Gold Held: AAA Tag Championships

Strength - 4: Undeniably top echelon

Cohesion - 4: Everyone in this team has their roles and plays them perfectly. Wardlow's resentment continues to simmer

Purpose - 5: The Pinnacle exist to dominate and gather all the gold. They are doing the first, at least

Attainment - 4: Impressive and important wins, especially over Darby Allin. But still not holding any of the major titles.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman - Captain, Star, mastermind

Shawn Spears - Loose Cannon

Wardlow - Heater

Tully Blanchard - Mentor

Cash Wheeler - Tag guy

Dax Harwood - Tag guy

#2 - Team Taz

Last Week: #9

Members added: Dante Martin

Strength - 4: An amazing collection of non-overlapping talent

Cohesion - 4: Everybody has a role and fills it well

Purpose - 4: Successfully recruiting Dante proves the value of their philosophy

Attainment - 2: still need the big wins to go with the big signing

Ricky Starks - Star

Will Hobbs - Heater

Taz - Mentor

Dante Martin - Super Rookie

HOOK - Recruiter Extraordinaire

#3 - Death Triangle

Last Week: #4

Gold Held: AEW Tag Championships

Strength - 3: An amazing crew, but hobbled by (kayfabe) injury

Cohesion - 5: Being backed into a corner just has them more dedicated to one another

Purpose - 2: Do they have an end goal or a game plan beyond mutual protection?

Attainment - 3: The Lucha Bros have retained the top prize in AEW's tag division, but the faction has suffered some high-profile losses

Penta EZM - Big Brother

Rey Fenix - Little Brother

PAC - Blood Brother

Alex Abrahantes - Buffoon

#4 - The Inner Circle

Last Week: #5

Gold Held: TNT Championship

Strength - 4: THE BEST

Cohesion - 4: Not really acting as a team much anymore?

Purpose - 1: Not even saving Jericho from getting beat up, so no idea?

Attainment - 4: Still getting wins and holding the TNT title

Chris Jericho - Captain

Sammy Guevara - Star

Santana - Tag guy

Ortiz - Tag guy

Jake Hager - Heater

#5 - Best Friends / CHAOS

Last Week: #7

Faction members added: Rocky Romero, Tomohiro Ishii, Kazuchika Okada maybe?

Strength - 4: They'd have top contenders in every division, if Trent were healthy, plus CHAOS for added muscle when needed

Cohesion - 4: Still friendship at the core, but will joining CHAOS allow them to keep that cohesion they've always had?

Purpose - 2: Just friendship?

Attainment - 1: They finally got some revenge on the Hardy faction with help from Ishii, but they were eliminated from their tournament opportunities

Orange Cassidy - Star

Kris Statlander - Heater

Trent? - Tag guy

Chuck Taylor - Tag guy

Wheeler Yuta - Rookie

CHAOS - NJPW outpost

#6 - The Dark Order

Last Week: #6

Strength - 2: No contenders in any division

Cohesion - 4: They continue to have a positive attitude, even in a lull

Purpose - 2: Other than helping one another, they have no clear mission

Attainment - 1: No noteworthy successes recently

Negative One - Mascot

Anna Jay - Friend

Evil Uno - Friend

Stu Grayson - Friend

Colt Cabana - Friend

John Silver - Friend

Alex Reynolds - Friend

Pres10 Vance - Friend

Alan Angels - Friend

#7 - Major Dental

Last Week: #1

Gold Held: AEW World Championship

Strength - 3: In theory, among the best, but that theory needs proving after recent setbacks

Cohesion - 1: After a miscue led to Hayter losing her shot at the TBS title, it remains to be seen if this group can still work together effectively

Purpose - 3: In theory, still has the purpose of protecting Britt. But trying and failing to bring TBS gold into the fold as well may end up poisoning the well

Attainment - 3: Suffered major setbacks but still hold top gold

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD - Captain, Star, Mastermind

Jamie Hayter - Heater

REBEL not Reba - Buffoon

Dishonorable Mention:

Fell out of Rankings: The Elite

Disbanded / Attrition down to a trio: America's Top Team. The Allied Forces

Disappeared?: The Wingmen

Still Never Ranked: Hardy Family Office, The Factory


Craig William
Craig William
Dec 08, 2021

What’s your rationale for the Dark Order being so low? One could suggest Page, the champ, is at least an ally?

But then again you could say he’s not a member and their association with him comes at a cost?

Sergei Alderman
Sergei Alderman
Dec 08, 2021
Replying to

That's exactly it. If Hangman were an actual member of the Dark Order, that would boost their Strength and Attainment to 4 and maybe urpose, too. That would put them at the #2 spot, at least!

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