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AEW Factions Power Rankings: March 2024

We find ourselves in between AEW PPVs and a week out from one of the biggest pro-wrestling weekends of the year. Let's not talk about bloodlines, game changers, defiance, or other such things, we're here to look at the factions of AEW and how they rank compared to each other. So let's get right to it.

The Rankings

#14 Triple J (Down 3 Spots)- Haven't done much this year other than showing up from time to time, losing, and moving on. Strength: 0%

#13 Dark Order (Down 4 Spots)- I wonder if the new Elite will challenge Dark Order to take back the BTE YouTube channel. It's not like Dark Order are doing anything else at the moment. Strength: 23.1%

#12 Snake Army/Righteous Monsters (Down 4 Spots)- I like in match graphics where this team is listed as "The Righeous Lance Archer" as if it was just the pious American Psycho and not a trios team. It's been good seeing this faction on AEW programming of late. Could be a good spoiler team to take the trios belts. Strength: 25.0%

#11 The Infantry (NEW)- Making their debut to the list is the team of Carlie Bravo, Shawn Dean, and Trish Adora. Primarily a ROH team, they scored a big win over the House of Black a few weeks ago on Collision, then lost to FTR later in the tournament. Strength: 28.6%

#10 Top Flight (No Change)- Hints have been dropped regarding where the Motor City Machine Guns could move onto after leaving TNA. If Shelley and Sabin end up in AEW, a match with Top Flight would be high on my list of match-ups. Strength: 33.3%

#9 Mogul Embassy (Down 2 Spots)- Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cool Bishop and Toa looked when they rocked their cultural gear a few weeks back? You don't need a PPV to dress like you're on one. If Swerve can capitalize and win the AEW Championship, the Mogul Embassy will rocket up the rankings. Strength: 46.6%

#8 Patriarchy (Down 4 Spots)- They've taken a tumble down the rankings since Christian lost the TNT Championship. A tag team run with Killswitch/Nick Wayne could be fun and a photo negative re-imagining of Jurassic Express. Strength: 54.5%

#7 Callis Family (Down 1 Spot)- Don Callis continues putting his own "family" members against each other which statistically guarantees a drop in the win%. Ospreay's probably not long for the Callis Family and when he leaves his taking his wins with him. It's going to be a rough spring for old bellend (jk Don, keep up the good heel work.) Strength: 56.2%

ROH TV Champion (Kyle Fletcher)

#6 House of Black (Down 1 Spot)- The TBS title might as well have a countdown timer on it around Julia Hart's waist because either Willlow is taking it at Dynasty or Mone is taking it soon after that. Without a title to bolster their attainment score, House of Black is going to fall in the rankings this time next month. Still time for any of the other members to go for gold. My fingers are crossed for a Brody King solo run. Strength: 54.5%

TBS Champion (Julia Hart)

#5 Blackpool Combat Club (Down 2 Spots)- Good thing I don't count matches outside of AEW since the BCC just lost a big multi-man match at CMLL's Homenaje a Dos Leyendas event at Arena Mexico. Hopefully this leads to CMLL involvement at this year's Forbidden Door event this June. Strength: 85.3%

ROH Pure Championship (Wheeler Yuta)

#4 Undisputed Kingdom (Down 2 Spots)- Are there weaker champions at the moment than Taven and Bennett? They can't even win their way into the upper rounds of the AEW Tag Team tournament. Meanwhile Wardlow has been missing in action and Cole is playing storytime. The strongest member IMO is Strong but it feels like the International title has cooled as well. Strength: 72.0%

International Championship (Roderick Strong)

#3 Bullet Club Gold (Down 2 Spots)- Despite dropping in the rankings, things are looking up for the Bang Bang Gang since separating themselves from the Acclaimed. Juice Robinson's return is up in the air but Jay White's picked up some solid solo wins. The six man match between BCG and Acclaimed is all but assured and BCG will most likely come out on top. Even though they only have ROH titles, they're still undefeated in 2024 which puts them in top top three.

Strength: 100%

ROH Six Man Titles (Jay White, Gunn Club)

#2 Elite NMK (NEW)- Good thing I'm not holding the book for AEW because I would have paired Okada with his old Chaos buddies for a comedy run. Turns out I wasn' t too far off the mark and his run with the Young Bucks, while not goofy, certainly has comedic elements. What Okada also brings is a slight menace to his character (see how he persuaded Alex Marvez to "sing" Matt a happy bday). Strength: 88.2%

Continental Crown (Kazuchika Okada)

#1 The Acclaimed (No Change)- With fans cooling on the whole act it feels weird to put the Acclaimed at #1 but they check all the boxes. No losses in 2024 and they've carried AEW gold the whole time. When they do get that first loss as a trios and lose the belts, it very well may be the end of them as a faction. Strength: 100%

AEW Trios Titles (The Acclaimed)

For the first time in these rankings not one faction moved up from the previous installment. This is due to some teams debuting (Infantry, Elite NMK) and the Bang Bang Scissor Gang splitting off from each other. As for the strength rankings no huge movement from the fallout of Revolution. Jake Robert's Snake Army (they badly need an official name) dropped but lack of matches is the biggest hindrance for them. Undisputed Kingdom is also trending downwards which is surprising as they seemed poised for big things just a few weeks ago.


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