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AEW Factions Power Rankings: Post Revolution

AEW's Revolution PPV was one for the history books as Sting wrapped up a legendary career, we got a new champion (for the AEW International), and Will Ospreay proved he may be the best signing that AEW has ever made. All were big moments but we're here to see how this plays into the factions of AEW and how they compare to each other.

Out of Contention

LFI- As of this writing, Preston Vance is the only member with matches this year. Rush should be back from injury soon but we would still need a 3rd member to compete (no idea what's going on with Dralistico). If the rumors are true about Thunder Rosa joining the group, her undefeated record would be a great boost to LFI.

Best Friends- Disaster at Revolution for the Best Friends as OC lost the International Championship. That alone would have dropped the group way down in the rankings, but I thought about the team and some names had to go. Having not shared TV time with the group in several weeks, Statlander is out. Danhausen seems to have vanished from TV and he hasn't had any matches this year, and neither has Chuck Taylor. Rocky Romero is more like a special guest star, and better associated with Roppongi Vice. So that leaves Trent and Orange Cassidy as active members. That's not a faction.

But who knows, could Okada join his former Chaos buddies and become the newest Best Friend? (fingers crossed!).

The Rankings

#11 Triple J (NEW)- Haven't done much of anything having only two matches this calendar year. Jarrett's been real fun on Being the Dark Order so they have that going for them. Karen Jarrett should be on TV more.

Strength: 0%

#10 Top Flight (NEW)- Now that Action Andretti has a match in 2024 we can count Top Flight among the other factions. Only way to go is up from here because they can't get much lower. Strength: 23.1%

#9 Dark Order (Down 1 spot)- I hope one day that Evil Uno gets his flowers for being really good at professional wrestling and being a good person as well. From AEW to his work with Mystery Wrestling on the indie scene, he remembers that ultimately this whole genre should be fun. Dark Order still needs to recruit more members though.

Strength: 27.3%

#8 Snake Army/Righteous Monsters (Up 2 spots)- They almost didn't make the rankings due to lack of AEW appearances, but a recent showing on Rampage is just enough to keep them on this list.  

Strength: 37.5%

#7 Mogul Embassy (Up 2 spots)- Swerve was denied the AEW Championship by Adam Page but it still feels that Strickland's time on top is coming soon. If the rest of Mogul Embassy could get some wins as well that would rocket the group up the rankings.

 Strength: 45.8%

#6 Callis Family (Up 1 spot)- Cohesion remains strong despite Ospreay and Takeshita having grounds for competing attempted murder charges from Revolution. The strategy of Ospreay facing Fletcher, another Callis talent, will only lead to a win % that's statistically one step forward and a larger step back.  

Strength: 55.5%

Champions: Kyle Fletcher (ROH TV Title)

#5 House of Black (No Change)- Nice to see Malakai get a singles match on his record this year. Now I just need a strong singles run from King and Murphy, or maybe even a tag run. Would the group have more success if they divided and conquered the AEW roster? I'm not including Skye Blue with the group as she's more Hart's buddy and not an official HOB member.  

Strength: 42.9%

Champions: Julia Hart (TBS Championship)

#4 The Patriarchy (Up 2 spots)- Strongest family unit in pro-wrestling right now. As long as Christian has a title, and if the Patriarchy can get over 60% win strength (going from "needs improving" to "mid") they can overtake the Blackpool Combat Club.

 Strength: 50.0%

Champions: Christian Cage (TNT Championship)

#3 Blackpool Combat Club (Up 1 spot)- No single member of the BCC has more than 1 loss on their 2024 record. Despite other groups (House of Black, Patriarchy) having more prestigious titles, the high strength score of BCC keeps them ahead of the pack.

 Strength: 82.8 %

Champions: Wheeler Yuta (ROH Pure)

#2 Undisputed Kingdom (Up 1 spot)- Kyle O'Reilly is back, yet not officially part of his old running buddies group. Should he join, the group's cohesion score may be vulnerable as he has reservations. A bigger threat to UK's cohesion will be when Wardlow challenges for the AEW World Title as you know he's not going to go along with Adam Cole plan of relinquishing the belt.

Strength: 87.5%

Champions: Roderick Strong (AEW International), ROH Tag Team (Bennett & Taven)

#1 Bang Bang Scissor Gang (No Change)- It's a classic staple to set up a tag team with the goal being one member to turn on their partner down the line. AEW is doing that large scale with the BBSG as one group will inevitably turn on the other. Will Daddy Ass reunite with his biological sons? Will Max Caster get his groove back? Will Juice Robinson get healthy in time for the mega-stable to crumble? Lots of directions this could go.

 Strength: 100%

Champions: The Acclaimed (AEW Trios), Bullet Club Gold (ROH Six Man)

Lot of factions started under 60% but are moving upwards, except Dark Order, who plummet from a 60% strength down to sub 30%.


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