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AEW Factions Power Rankings: Post Dynasty

Dynasty proved that the biggest factor in a faction's overall ranking is the ability to win championships. This attainment score can soften a weak win % (strength), it can also alleviate poor cohesion amongst members. Without a title to their name, a faction can rarely be considered in the top five at any given time in AEW.

Several factions have been inert in regards to appearances, ring time, and momentum. The consequence of having a historically stacked roster. Sometimes groups have excursions in ROH if they're lucky, other times they might as well put up missing posters. One such faction I'm sad to say has to be relegated to off the list entirely. It's extra unfortunate because they never even flirted with being on it in 2024.

Out of Contention

Los Faccion Ingobernable- I'm putting LFI here because I have given up on them as a group at this point. At the start of the year I thought they were about to influence the rankings yet here we are four months in and no AEW matches for either Dralistico or Rush (and Jose got let go from his contract but he wasn't an active wrestler).

The Rankings

#15 Triple J (Down 1 Spot) While Jarrett seems to be having fun with the Dark Order on YouTube, it's no way to get that elusive first win.

Strength: 0%

#14 Shane Taylor Production (NEW) I've been enjoying STP on AEW. They've been doing lots of jobs but occasionally you get a shock win like Moriarty pinning Shibata in a multi-man tag. Keeps things fresh.

Strength: 15.0%

#13 Dark Order (No Change) Probably the biggest gulf of me liking all members involved and yet not really missing them on television.

Strength: 21.4%

#12 The Infantry (Down 1 Spot) This group made a brief mission away from ROH and got some surprise wins, and now it looks like they're going right back to ROH. It's not the worst, but I was hoping for something more.

Strength: 22.2%

#11 The Righteous Lance Archer (Up 1 Spot) Speaking of wishing for something more, that's been Lance Archer's entire AEW career. Fun pairing with the Righteous, hope they can challenge for the Trios belts at some point.

Strength: 23.1%

#10 Top Flight (No Change) If Rob Van Dam wanted to stay around in AEW just a bit longer, he'd be a perfect fit to join the young lions of Top Flight.

Strength: 24.1%

#9 Patriarchy (Down 1 Spot)- Since losing the TNT title, Christian and his family have been MIA from AEW television. I assume they'll be back soon though. A feud with new daddy Cool Hand Angelo Parker seems like the perfect fit.

Strength: 54.5%

#8 House of Black (Down 2 Spots) First time without any championship gold in a long while, Malakai Black is gunning for that TNT Title so that may change soon.

Strength: 69.4%

#7 The Acclaimed (Down 6 Spots) Losing six spots in the rankings may be the biggest drop we've ever seen since I've been keeping track. The writing was on the wall though, even if the Acclaimed had managed to retain the Trios belts, it would have felt weird ranking them at the top. They've cooled significantly compared to where they were a year ago. They also don't have that many matches compared to other groups on this list. Losing the belts just felt like the right move for a variety of reasons.

Strength: 72.2%

#6 Callis Family (Up 1 Spot) You know that Ospreay isn't going to be hanging out with Don Callis much longer. He's got until August, when he'll walk out in Wembley as the biggest babyface England has ever seen (and yes, I'm aware of Big Dadddy).

Strength: 52.0%

Championships: ROH Television Champion (Kyle Fletcher)

#5 Mogul Embassy (Up 4 Spots) Thanks solely to Swerve's AEW World Title win, the Mogul Embassy find themselves in the top five for the first time ever. They've been hobbled by a poor strength score almost since their inception. As long as Swerve has gold though, they'll rank highly.

Strength: 48.4%

Championships: AEW World Championship (Swerve Strickland)

#4 Undisputed Kingdom (No Change) Cohesion is usually a given, teams wouldn't stay together if their cohesion needed improvement (or worse was "poor"). Yet based on the death stare that Adam Cole gave Wardlow at Dynasty, things are not going to be cohesive for long with the Undisputed Kingdom.

Strength: 67.7%

Championships: AEW International (Roderick Strong), ROH Tag Team (Bennett and Taven)

#3 Blackpool Combat Club (Up 2 Spots) While not an AEW title, Moxley's win of the IWGP World Title feels like a massive achievement. Now that it's quickly getting defended on AEW programming, there is a very real risk that it could overshadow AEW's own World Title. Although if Moxley and Swerve want to go to a 60 minute draw in a title vs. title match, I would not mind. Oh, and Danielson continues to have the best swan song in recent memory, Claudio is awesome, and we all hope Yuta gets well soon.

Strength: 83.3%

Championships: IWGP World (Jon Moxley), ROH Pure (Wheeler Yuta)

#2 Elite NMK (No Change) The Young Bucks solidified themselves as the top tag team in AEW, while Okada proved that going heel was a fantastic career choice. I hope Okada holds the Continental Championship through the next tournament at the end of the year. I also hope to see Jack Perry officially welcomed into the Elite, and a feud with Omega and/or Hangman.

Strength: 82.8%

Championships: AEW Continental Crown (Okada), AEW Tag (Young Bucks)

#1 Bullet Club Gold (Up 2 Spots) You happy now IWC? Jay White pinned Billy Gunn (oh the wrestling landscape in 2024 is wild!) and no one seems to like Max Caster. It was the right move to put the belts on the Bang Bang Gang as they'll transition more easily between AEW and ROH. I'm looking forward to their reign. Just need to get a healthy Juice Robinson back.

Strength: 95.0%

Championships: The Unified AEW/ROH Trios Titles

In 2023 the teams of House of Black and the Acclaimed were intertwined for the top spot for most of the year. It's interesting to see their lines cross paths again, yet this time it's the Acclaimed in free fall while House of Black makes a steady gain into the upper percentiles. Every other faction is just holding steady, I hope to see more peaks and valleys as we get into the summer months. Not featured; team Triple J (or Planet Jarrett, or Total Nonstop Arseholes). Having no wins this year I forgot to include them.


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