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The Wednesday Night Ratings - 24/9/20

Hello and welcome back to what will probably be a slightly abbreviated ratings article, but don't worry all the detail will still be here for you to use.

AEW had a fairly flat week, they were down slightly overall which is obviously a shame with the big Moxley vs Kingston title match but given that they didn't have the time to build to it that's okay. There's no major news among the demos, but P2+ was down 5.8% (886k to 835k) and P18-49 was down 5.9% (0.34 to 0.32). With them still having NBA competition I think this is pretty good. There was no other real news among the granular demos, they were roughly even in every one, and won everything except P50+ like usual

NXT had a similar week to AEW, down slightly but nothing too concerning, although they are well into the build to their fun surprise TakeOver so I think they'd like to comfortably be in the 700k/0.2 range this close. In P2+ they were actually up 1.0% (689k to 696k) and in P18-49 they stayed level at 0.18. Just like AEW there's no major changes among the granular demos, but you can read below to see how they fared

Raw had what I would consider a good week, they had another week of NFL competition and what seemed to be a universally panned show but still stayed almost level with last week, even increasing in some demos. In P2+ they dropped just 1.3%, from a 1.689m to a 1.668m. Then in the P18-49 demo they dropped just 2.6%, from a 0.51 to a 0.5. These are pretty good numbers, but the quality (or lack of) of a show tends to show up next week, which might take out the post PPV bump (Clash of Champions is this weekend).

Smackdown did not hold up as well, from their big high last week they dropped back below 2 million viewers and back to the normal 0.5 in P18-49. They were still #1 for the night on Network TV so it isn't a huge concern right now but it's still worrying. In terms of percentage change, they dropped 16.1% in total viewers (2.329m to 1.954m) and 16.7% in P18-49 (0.6 to 0.5). Like I said, this isn't a huge concern right now, and hopefully Clash of Champions can help boost the number but it isn't a great sign.

As always, I'm available at @WhyIsChester on Twitter for any questions and if you enjoyed the article I'd appreciate a share wherever you can. While you're here do check out some of the other great content on Pro Wrestling Musings.


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