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The AEW Rankings vs PWM's League Standings

Each week both AEW Official and PWM release content ranking AEW wrestlers. AEW uses a subjective model informed by statistics (much alike PWM's Power Rankings) whereas PWM uses a sports-inspired league standings model with a +1/-1 system. One point for a win, -1 for a loss. In this article we are going to examine both side by side and highlight the differences and similarities.

Male Singles

PWM Male Overall

PWM Male Singles (1 on 1)

One of the first things you will notice is that champions are included. Just because you are champ doesn't mean you will be number one in the standings. SCU were champions and number 3 in the standings for a couple of weeks.

Next, all matches count. Including unsanctioned and battle royales. If you see it it affects your perception of the characters, it counts. Next, AEW seem to count battle royale wins in their statistics but not losses. This is cheating! Count everything.

It's hard to poke holes in the actual rankings they are very similar. arguably Darby Allin or Shawn Spears could be in instead of Omega but this isn't a big sticking point. Again, MJF is higher on the PWM version. This could be contested more especially after his big win. Expect to see him placed next week.

The big issue I would take is that Moxley is not number 1. In our statistics Moxley is actually ahead of Jericho in one on one competition. Counting certain matches but excluding others is an imperfect system. It's a way of cooking the numbers! A little too sports entertainment if you ask me. If you want Pac to be ahead of Mox in the pecking order feed him some little fish.

Female Singles

PWM Female Overall

PWM Female Singles (one on one)

The main issue with comparing AEW's rankings to PWM's League standings is that it really does highlight the poor job that has been done with the women's division. Emi Sakura, still 3rd? That can't be right!? Yet, nobody beneath her should definitively be ahead. There's an argument to be made for having Nyla Rose in 3rd. She's ahead in both one on ones and overall. Additionally she has wrestled significantly more than Sakura.

The other difference between PWM's standings and AEW's rankings is the treatment of singles matches. AEW have included singles wins for 3-way or 4-way matches. Whereas PWM has highlighted the ono on one as a category in itself as it is the purest form of wrestling match!

I feel bad that I don't have anything else to say about this division but I don't feel that's entirely my fault. AEW, do better!

Tag Division


PWM Trios

The tag division is tight. There's SCU, then a chasing pack and then everyone else. PWM stats definitely take the win here as we are able to separate teams via win percentage whereas AEW's placements are less clear.

It would be fair to question why two teams with negative overalls are ahead of Proud and Powerful and the Dark Order.


PWM also compiles an Overall list. Not necessarily necessary due to division boundaries but interesting nonetheless.

Interestingly the top 4 are neck and neck with Moxley heading the chasing pack again highlighting the silliness of not counting certain matches! Womens wrestlers and then tag teams are dominant with you having to search a bit more for male wrestlers. Interesting exclusions from the top 25 are Kenny Omega, Shawn Spears and Private Party.

View all the statistics here.


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