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AEW Power Rankings 8 - 22.11.19

Each Week Pro Wrestling Musings brings you a statistically informed Power Rankings. Wrestlers are ranked based on their statistical records with weighting given to the more recent results as is in keeping with Power Rankings and their kayfabe power and stature in the company.

The statistics that inform this Power Rankings can be found here:

1. Chris Jericho

(Last week, 1st - unmoved)

Chris Jericho did not wrestle this week and he did not come off worst in any sort of physical alteration. However this week's Dynamite saw SCU manipulate him into handing a title match to Scorpio Sky in an entertaining segment. After insulting anyone unfortunate enough to come into his path backstage, Jericho discovered he was incapable of apologising. After getting 'Big hurt' to say it for him (who is don't a wonderful job of just about not laughing during these segments), he was confronted by SCU who ran rings around him psychologically!

Still unpinned in Singles competition, still flanked by the Inner Circle and still top of the League Standing Overall, Jericho is still the godfather of AEW.

2. So Cal Uncensored

(Last week, 2nd - Unmoved)

Alike 'Le Champion' SCU were not part of any in ring competition this week. However Christopher Daniels got the better of Pentagon again causing an early elimination from the Diamond Dozen. Then, led by Scorpio Sky, SCU used some admittedly simplistic but nonetheless hilarious reverse psychology to get Jericho to gift Scorpio Sky a title match for next week.

Now top of the tag rankings with a two point gap and part of the, now level, top four of the Overall League Standings, SCU have rocketed up to the dizzying heights of AEW. A win for Scorpio Sky would see them leapfrog Jericho and become number one.

3. Riho

(Last week, 3rd - Unmoved)

A win over a very game Big Swole and newcomer Kris Stantlander on Dark alongside rival/ally Britt Baker helped Riho consolidate her position in the top three. It looks as though Hikaru Shida will be her next challenger for the AEW championship. Her having beat Shida before does further consolidate her position at the top of the women's division.

With double the amount of points as any other woman in the league standing and level on points with Jericho and SCU overall Riho will most likely jump to second next week.

4. Jon Moxley

(Last week, 4th - Unmoved)

Three victories in ten days. Only two of them 'count' in AEW cannon but at PWM all results inform the perspective so they all count. Moxley has looked like a force of nature in AEW once again having definitely shaken off that Mercer infection. This week, he defeated a highly impressive and ranked Darby Allin in a terrific bout. It's unclear what comes next for Moxley but it can't be long before he ascends into title contention.

Jon Moxley has jumped Chris Jericho in the one one on one Single League Standings, this week. The first time Jericho has been removed from the top of a men's league standings. He is at number 5 in the Overall League Standings and two points behind the tied top four.

5. Hikaru Shida

(Last week, 10th - Up 5 places)

A huge win over Britt Baker on Dynamite in what seemed like a number one contendership match in every way except name. It is important to note that although Shida competed admirably for most of the contest her set up for the finishing sequence was a poke to the eye then Baker was obscured by the referee. Nonetheless, Shida now looks positioned to challenge Riho for the title.

This all positions Shida as the number two female in AEW and sixth overall albeit some way off Riho currently.

6. Pac

(Last week, 6th - Unmoved)

Pac was absent from TV this week and didn't even appear in the Diamond Dozen battle royale. After coming out on top of his feud with Adam Page he is still positioned really strongly in the AEW landscape. Additionally he finds himself scheduled to face Kenny Omega again next week. Omega may be a man he has already defeated yet a win over him would still be huge and would push Pac into an undeniable position to challenge for the AEW Title.

Third in the Singles League Standings and just outside the top players in the overall divisions. Pac is very powerfully placed in AEW.

7. Proud and Powerful

(Last week, 5th - Down 2 places)

Santana and Ortiz took their first loss this week in the emotionally challenged tag match against Private Party. Usually a first loss can derail competitors however, Proud and Powerful are on a strong wave of momentum after defeating the Young Bucks at Full Gear and they are still part of the brand's dominant faction.

Still number 2 in the Tag League Standings and are still in the top ten in the Overall League Standings. Expect them back strong in the very near future.

8. Britt Baker

(Last week, 7th - Down 1)

A heavy loss to Hikaru Shida will be damaging for Britt Baker, however it can't be ignored that the victory for Shida was not clean. Additionally, this is not the first heavy defeat for Baker and she came back from that last one at the hands of Riho. A tag win on Dark did help prevent the slide somewhat.

Easily still in the top ten of the Overall League Standings and ranked as the third strongest woman in the company currently. Nyla Rose or Awesome Kong could be in her near future.

9. Adam Page

(Last week, 12 - Up 3)

A dramatic week for Page, a huge loss to Pac and some distance created between himself and the Elite. This week's win in the Diamond Dozen was huge for him however it did encapsulate the 'yo-yo' nature of Page's AEW run. History would suggest he could very well lose to MJF next week.

This is further hinted at by the fact Page is +2 overall but evens in singles. This translates to him being ranked 10th in singles and 16th overall. Next week is massive for Page.

10. MJF

(Last week, unranked - New)

There was an argument for MJF to be placed last week because of the gravity of his actions. This week he backed this up with a huge victory in the Diamond Dozen battle royale. Next week he goes into arguably the biggest match of his career. In the last ten days he has destroyed one of the biggest forces in AEW, aligned himself with a mysterious force in Wardlow, embarrassed Cody again, curried favour with the AEW World Champion and won a monumental cintest.

MJF hasn't explored the inside of the ring much as of yet in his AEW run. He finds himself 1-0 in singles and 19th in the Overall League Standings. He is probably the favourite to come out on top next week.

11. Dark Order

All of a sudden a very intriguing prospect. Still as high as third as a tag team and seemingly out to recruit followers in AEW, watch this space. (Last week, 9th - Down 2)

12. Lucha Bros

A win for Fenix in an incredible match over Nick Jackson but an embarrassing loss for Pentagon due to the actions of Christopher Daniels, a mixed week... (Last week, unlisted - New)

13. Darby Allen

A superb performance in a losing effort against the red hot Jon Moxley. Darby Allin proved himself yet again against a top talent. Expect big things soon. (Last week, unlisted - New)

14. Young Bucks

No Matt this week but an astounding performance from Nick in singles competition. They need to build some tag momentum soon. (Last week, 13th - Down 1)

15. Private Party

An emotional win against a previously undefeated tandem this week re-established Private Party as noteworthy in the tag ranks. (Last week, unlisted - New)


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