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AEW Power Rankings: Factions - Post Full Gear (November'22)

Full Gear had big time ramifications that saw factions rise and fall in the rankings. Let's get right to it.

Groups to Watch

House of Black - They're back! In vignettes at least.

The Elite- Had they won the trios belts they would have made the list. Post Full Gear found the rankings the most competitive they've ever been and the lack of titles is enough to keep them off.

Blackpool (?) Combat Club - Nothing sinks a groups ranking like having it's founder betray their only champion, costing him the title. With Moxley's impending vacation he probably wont be around the rest of the year so it's up to the three remaining members to build up that W/L record and try for some gold.

Major Dental- It's been a long time but due to Hayter's title win they were so close from making the top 5. The story of a performer that debuted as enhancement talent three years ago, worked on her physique and her craft, and got to the top of her division is a great one. I was also happy to see that Major Dental didn't try to derail her win out of jealousy or some nonsense. They supported her which resulted in a high cohesion score.

How Rankings are Determined:

Strength: The combined win % of team members. Special thanks to @AEWmetrics who keeps better records of win/loss than AEW's own roster page. I also went to to check on workers not officially signed with AEW. 100%-80% gets a "high", 79%-60% gets a "mid", while anything lower gets a "N/I" (needs improvement). You'll notice that the top four teams scored high in the three other categories so this month the W/L percentage was very important.

Cohesion: Ability of a group to work together. If they can avoid tripping over each other or hitting each other with moves they will score higher. Points will be lost if cracks are starting to form within the group. This category is fairly subjective. Several groups of late have had issues with cohesion.

Purpose: Even if not expressly stated, most groups have some form of a "mission statement". This could range from winning championships to simply the love of violence.

Attainment: The ability to win championships. Currently there are championships from AEW, ROH, and AAA in play although titles from Impact and NJPW have also been featured in the past. I will only count belts that have been featured on camera on AEW programing.

#5 Jericho Appreciation Society (down 2 spots)

Strength: - mid 71%

Cohesion: mid- Despite Sammy and Jericho getting into a melee during the ROH four way, we can chalk that up to competitive spirit and no personal animosity .Sammy's lack of appearance post match may lead to some drama down the line.

Purpose: High- Still singing the virtues of the hymn of Jericho.

Attainment: High- Still holding onto two ROH belts and a tag championship from AAA.

Chris Jericho - (ROH World Champion)

Daddy Magic

Angelo Parker

Jake Hager

Daniel Garcia - (ROH Pure Champion)

Sammy Guevara - (AAA World Mixed Tag Team)

Tay Melo - (AAA World Mixed Tag Team)

Anna Jay

#4 Death Triangle (down 2 spots)

Strength: mid 66%

Cohesion: High - Fenix's decision to use the hammer was the saving grace for Death Triangle this month. It kept their Attainment score high and while Fenix wasn't thrilled with cheating, he crossed that line. This very much pleased PAC.

Purpose: High - Win, by any means necessary.

Attainment: High - They managed to walk out of Full Gear the Trios Champions, something that not many predicted before the show.

PAC - (Trios Champion)

Penta el Zero M - (Trios Champion)

Fenix - (Trios Champion)

#3 Best Friends (previously unranked)

Strength: mid - 68%

Cohesion: High - Inner-group conflict just doesn't have a place within a stable called "Best Friends". Maybe Danhausen will snap down the line but for now everything is sunshine and puppies.

Purpose: High

Attainment: High - Orange Cassidy's All Atlantic Run is keeping his group in the running. He's also a fighting champion which earns some merit point from me.

Orange Cassidy (All-Atlantic Champion)

Trent Barreta

Chuck Taylor


Kris Statlander- out with injury

#2 The Acclaimed (previously unranked)

Strength: mid - 70%

Cohesion: High - They stand by each other, like all good tag teams should.

Purpose: High - They sure do love to scissor!

Attainment: High - Best tag team in the world? It's debatable, but if you ask the Acclaimed they'll tell you that it's true. You gotta believe in yourself.

Max Caster

Anthony Bowens

"Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn

#1 The Baddies (up 3 spots)

Strength: mid 75% No group ranked 'high' in win % (over 80%) but the Baddies were second only to the Blackpool Combat club who sit at 78%

Cohesion: High No disagreements, no drama. During the stolen title storyline everyone had the single goal of getting that title back in the hands of Cargill.

Purpose: High Still looking good and supporting the champ. While I would like to see Grey and Hogan take on more agency and see more ring time, as a unit this dynamic is working.

Attainment: High Jade is the most dominant champion in pro wrestling, not named Roman Reigns.

Jade Cargill - (TBS Champion)

Red Velvet - out with injury

Kiera Hogan

Leila Grey

Full Gear was a monumental PPV in regards to AEW's faction. Our top 2 saw big jumps while the bottom three suffered big losses. Our overall leader for the year (Blackpool Combat Club) was knocked out of the ranking entirely. Towards the end of December I may post a year in review. We'll see as December is a chaotic month for everyone. Regardless, in January the stats all reset to zero.


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