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Misawa vs Hansen | The Four Pillars #3

The Four Pillars #3 - Misawa vs Stan Hansen's arm!

Mitsuhara Misawa vs Stan Hansen - 27th July 1990

Background Info:

Full Match Video:


Cagematch - 7.06 (16)

WON - 3+1/4*

This isn't the most high-paced or state of the art match, even in 1990. What it is, however, is a very simple story told in its most raw form. Stan Hansen uses a deadly 'Western Lariat' to finish his opponents so Mitsuhara Misawa goes after his arm with desperate viciousness.

To really underline this, we see less dives from Misawa and significantly more submission holds; especially to the arm. In fact, to doubly underline this, we see a barrage of underhanded tactics right from the off from Misawa. Clearly worried about his opponent's biggest weapon.


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