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All In X All Out In-ring Statistics

Welcome to this delayed article looking at a selection of matches from AEW's historic All In: London show and their fifth edition of their yearly All Out show.

Both shows were very well received and add to a really strong year for AEW PPVs. Below you will find Cagematch ratings for all AEW PPVs since the company's inception:

AEW All In: London + All Out - In-ring Statistics:

By clicking on the graphics, you will be able to find the numbers behind each match. They can reveal extra details that may add to a kayfabe story or conflict with it. They also reveal how each wrestler or team worked the match.

AEW All In: London + All Out - Flow of Offence:

These graphics reveal more about how the story of the match is told. They illustrate how each performer rose or fell within the 'struggle' of the match. It also reveals how the workers shared the performance of 'attacking their foe' and the hard work of selling.

AEW All In: London + All Out - Match Stats:

With the images above, you can compare each match's structure. After all wresting is a collaboration between performers to create the in-ring product. The per hour numbers are more useful for comparing here as they flatten out the differences between match times. For example, the strikes in Starks/Danielson far outstripped any of the other selected matches above, whereas Takeshita/Omega focussed on heavy-looking grapples to build tension.

We also have values for Total Offence which is the amount of offence used in each match, for Tide Changes which is each time a wrestler/team reverses or takes control of the match, and for Big Offence which includes Strikedowns, Grapples, Dives and every 10 seconds in Submissions that last at least 10 seconds (and Weapon Attacks).

AEW All In: London + All Out - Wrestler Statistics:

This is very much like the previous gallery, except this one zeros in on how each wrestler contributed to the match via each category. You can see who taunted a lot and who hit a lot of dives. Per hour rates are used to make different lengths in the ring more comparable.

Thank you for reading this article. I haven't been posting as much on this website recently as I've just had a second baby and I'm having difficulty with my motivation. I'm hoping that motivation will come back as I used to really enjoy delving into this.

Your most reliable source of in-ring statistics graphics would be out Twitter feed @PWMusings.


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