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AEW Factions Power Rankings: Post-Double or Nothing 2023

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

It's a shame that Dark and Elevation are no more as both shows were valuable in building stats for workers and their factions. Replacing them will be the AEW House Rules shows that I'm trying to follow for win/loss records. I haven't been tracking the dark matches that have been taking place before Dynamite tapings.

How Rankings are Determined:

Strength: For the win-loss records this year I am tracking all win/losses on my own. For supplemental research I use Win's and losses are a team effort, if the Elite win a trios match, that counts as 3 wins towards the team. If Kenny Omega wins a singles match, that counts as one. 100%-80% gets a "high", 79%-60% gets a "mid", while anything lower gets a "N/I" (needs improvement).

Cohesion: Ability of a group to work together. If they can avoid tripping over each other or hitting each other with moves they will score higher. Points will be lost if cracks are starting to form within the group. Cohesion will be lost if a member starts working outside the group. This category is fairly subjective.

Purpose: Even if not expressly stated, most groups have some form of a "mission statement". This could range from winning championships to simply the love of violence.

Attainment: The ability to win championships. Currently there are championships from AEW, ROH, and NJPW in play although titles from Impact and AAA have also been featured in the past. I will only count belts that have been featured on camera on AEW programing. Non AEW titles will not be given the same prestige as official AEW titles.

Factions disbanded

Death Triangle: I'm calling it. They were one of my favorite act in AEW but they haven't done much of note since losing against the Elite many months ago. Time for me to push the PAC vs. MJF in London narrative.

Factions on hold

Top Flight: Due to injury.

Factions to watch

Bullet Club Gold: Needs 1 more active member to be recognized. Jay White should be a AEW title holder within the year.

Butcher and Blade: Either Bunny comes back as a wrestler or more members get recruited. I almost don't want to put them in the main rankings as their win % is not so great and that makes me sad.

The Rankings

#18 Spanish Announce Project (no change)- While Serpentico and Luther did manage to pick up a win on ROH, these are the AEW Faction power rankings, not the Tony Khan extended universe rankings . Strength: 0%

#17 Trustbusters (down 5 spots)- Mostly on ROH programming as of late. Strength: 25%

#16 Wingmen (down 3 spots)- Still around. I'm still a fan but this gimmick seems to have run it's course. Props to Nemeth for providing better coverage of the WGA strike in L.A. than some US media outlets. Strength: 25.9%

#15 Varsity Athletes (down 4 spots)- This group is a solid act to work with the faces of AEW. Doesn't get them many wins though. Strength: 35.7%

#14 Los Ingobernables (previously unranked)- Still waiting for this group to truly excel in the trios division, and with the right storylines I believe they could. Strength: 45%

#13 The Firm (down 4 spots)- The Ass Boys finally are acting like members of this group after no showing the Deletion at the Hardy Compound. Strength: 52.9%

#12 Triple J (down 2 spots)- Despite multiple title shots, the refs have prevented Jarrett and company from winning the big one. Strength: 56.3%

#11 Jericho Appreciation Society (down 5 spots)- The JAS have been doing lots of losing lately. Strength: 59.4%

#10 QTV (down 7 spots)- At the QTV offices, Hobbs choked out QT. This is not a healthy workplace environment. Harley Cameron is starting to see in ring action which is a benefit to the group. Strength: 66.7%

#9 Dark Order (down 1 spot)- They lost Hangman to the Elite nd still can't recruit any new members. Stu Grayson is flirting with the Righteous over on ROH. They are the only group that scored a NI for purpose, and NI scores for purpose are not something that I had out lightly. Despite this, their win percentage is in the upper range. Strength: 79.2%

#8 Mogul Embassy (previously unranked)- Constantly on the verge of breaking out. Maybe with the additional TV time for AEW this summer we can get more spotlight shined onto Swerve and company. Strength: 65.2%

#7 The Acclaimed (previously unranked) How great is it to see the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass still being a successful trio? Some thought that after they lost the tag belts that they were being wasted, but the crowd still loves them and now Billy Gunn is getting more in ring time. Strength: 82.9%

#6 The Elite (down 1 spot)- Adam Page is back with the Elite. Kenny is still IWGP US Champion. Not doing well in the win column though. They could use some more backup. Strength: 58.5%

#5 Hardy Party (previously unranked)

Strength: Mid- 76.9%

Cohesion: High- Holding together better than Jeff Hardy's ligaments.

Purpose: High- I hope retirement is their purpose going forward. It hurts to watch the Hardy's at this stage in their careers.

Attainment: Mid- I guess Hook is still with the party but his involvement feels fleeting. The FTW champion wont be contributing to the Hardy Party for long I feel.

#4 Blackpool Combat Club (no change)

Strength: High-83.3%

Cohesion: High- No issues here, they are still a solid tactical unit. Takeshita isn't included for now until we get some clarification if he's an official member or not.

Purpose: High Hurt people.

Attainment: Mid- Claudio is still holding onto the ROH World Championship which is good as this is the only gold the BCC has.

#3 The Outcasts (up four spots)

Strength: Mid -73.5%

Cohesion: High- They've even agreed on a color scheme.

Purpose: High- Tag and bag the competition.

Attainment: High-Toni Storm's big title win at Double or Nothing propels the Outcasts up the rankings.

#2 Best Friends (no change)

Strength: Mid 70.4%

Cohesion: High- I didn't include Bandido but if this association continues he'll be a full friend soon.

Purpose: High- Giving the people what they want!

Attainment: High- International (Cassidy) and the TBS Championship (Statlander). Twice the gold at this point so bonus points for attainment.

#1 House of Black (no change)

Strength: High- 87.8% The highest win percentage across all the factions of AEW.

Cohesion: High- The push to get some tattoos on Buddy Matthews continues, but we wont hold it against him.

Purpose: High- Now with custom lighting!

Attainment: High- AEW Trios Champions. In a few months Julia Hart will make a credible challenger for either of the women's championships.

The graph's getting pretty crowded. QTV is in free fall while Triple J and Blackpool Combat Club are making gains.


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