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AEW Factions Power Rankings: October 2023

Factions to Watch:

The JAS Remnants: After disbanding, the former members of the JAS have continued to associate with one another (the exception being Sammy Gueverra who has joined the Callis Family). The only thing they lack is a unifying theme. May I suggest Anna Jay as the leader/showman and 2.0 as her plucky assistants? Jake Hager can be the muscle/bodyguard.

Factions Disbanded:

Outcasts: To paraphrase Sunset Boulevard, it wasn't Toni Storm that got small, it was the Outcasts. Two members does not a faction make and Toni is trailblazing her own thing at the moment. It's just as well as Saraya lost the Women's title and this group would have plummeted in the rankings even if they were still together.


Strength- Win/Loss record.

Attainment- Championships. The gold star of importance.

Cohesion- Ability to get along. No betrayals brewing.

Purpose- What are we even doing here?

The Rankings:

#17 Spanish Announce Project (no change)

Sure Luther hasn't wrestled in AEW in months, but SAP has always had a home at the basement of these rankings and I see no reason to change things. If you watch ROH you'd know that SAP have actually gotten some wins lately. This doesn't add to their AEW records however. Strength: 0%

#16 Butcher, Blade, Bunny, Kip, Penelope (down 2 spots)

Sadly this group seems relegated to doing jobs. Which is necessary in any wrestling league but it's hard when I'm a fan of everyone involved. Strength: 17.3%

#15 Los Facion Ingobernables (down 2 spots)

Still waiting for this group to do something. Thought the vignettes were leading up to a big re-introduction or possible realignment with Andrade but I'm still waiting. Strength: 36.0%

#14 Triple J (down 3 spots)

Satnam Singh should have a run in ROH. I'm serious. Strength: 44.4%

#13 Mogul Embassy (down 8 spots)

The momentum of this group (Swerve specifically) has the biggest gap between it and their place on this list. Despite being a hot act, their win percentage is sub .500 and they have no titles. Strength: 41.9%

#12 Hardy Party (no change)

Is Marq Quen ever coming back? Strength: 50.0%

#11 QTV (down 2 spots)

The lowest ranked faction that has possession of a championship. If I were a AAA fan, I'd be pissed (which is ultimately the point). With the AEW/AAA relationship in question as of this writing, QT's reign may not be much longer.

Strength: 38.9%

Attainment: AAA Latin America Championship (QT Marshall)

#10 Dark Order (no change)

Still haven't recruited anyone new. Only faction with a "needs improvement" score for purpose. Strength: 69.8%

#9 The Kingdom (NEW)

I'm leaving Adam Cole out of this faction for now since he seems to be more of a houseguest/hostage and not an official member. Strength: 69.6%

#8 Blackpool Combat Club (down 6 spots)

Despite having a worse strength score than either Dark Order or the Kingdom, I'm giving BCC an edge above either team. There is something to be said for "it factor", potential, and the color commentary of Jon Moxley.

Strength: 69.2%

#7 Bullet Club Gold (no change)

Speaking of potential, if this group can win a title they're rocketing up to the top three. Cohesion gets a S+ though. Strength: 73.8%

#6 House of Black (no change)

No group suffers more from lack of TV time than HoB in my opinion. Hart's on honeymoon at the moment and Black's dealing with a nagging injury, but why couldn't we get a solid solo run from King? HoB have the best strength score outside of the #1 spot. Strength: 81.3%

#5 The Elite (up 3 spots)

This group hasn't been showing much unity lately. Hangman is dealing with Swerve, Bucks are readying for a tag title match, and Kenny is still dealing with the Callis Family. Not like the days when the Elite had a common enemy like the Blackpool Combat Club to rally against.

Strength: 63.3%

Attainment: ROH Trios Championship (Hungbucks)

#4 Don Callis Family (NEW)

The addition of Powerhouse Hobbs is a big get for Don Callis. LIke QTV earlier in the year, Hobbs strong win/loss record (22 and 6) boosts the group's strength as a whole.

Strength: 74.4%

Attainment: IWGP UK Championship (Ospreay)

#3 Christian's Home of Wayward Boys (aka Christian's Coalition 2.0) (NEW)

This group needs an official faction name. Too early to add Starks and Big Bill to this group, even though they have been helping out lately. The TNT title provides bonus attainment due to the rehabilitation that Christian's reign has done for it.

Cohesion: Luchasaurus may be waking up to the fact that he's being played.

Strength: 51.9%

Attainment: TNT Championship (Christian)

#2 Best Friends (up 1 spot)

Cohesion: Solid for now but some have noticed a slight change in Orange Cassidy's attitude since winning the International Title for a second reign.

Strength: 65.0%

Attainment: TBS Championship (Statlander), International (Cassidy)

#1 The Acclaimed (no change)

Cohesion: Their only area of dissension may revolve around Caster's infatuation with MJF.

Strength: 87.5%

Attainment: AEW Trios Championship (Acclaimed)

Looking at LFI, you can see where the group has flat-lined at 36% since July. Rush's group can be contenders, but it's going to take a big push for them to be credible. The top spots this year has spiraled between House of Black and The Acclaimed, I doubt any other group will be able to get above 80% before the year is out.


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