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AEW Faction Power Rankings: Post-Revolution

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Note: With ROH taping shows again it's obvious that many workers from AEW will also feature heavily on ROH programming. The faction rankings will only recognize win/losses that occur on AEW programming.

How Rankings are Determined:

Strength: For the win-loss records this year I am tracking all win losses on my own. For supplemental research I use Win's and losses are a team effort, if the Elite win a trios match, that counts as 3 wins towards the team. If Kenny Omega wins a singles match, that counts as one. 100%-80% gets a "high", 79%-60% gets a "mid", while anything lower gets a "N/I" (needs improvement).

Cohesion: Ability of a group to work together. If they can avoid tripping over each other or hitting each other with moves they will score higher. Points will be lost if cracks are starting to form within the group. Cohesion will be lost if a member starts working outside the group. This category is fairly subjective.

Purpose: Even if not expressly stated, most groups have some form of a "mission statement". This could range from winning championships to simply the love of violence.

Attainment: The ability to win championships. Currently there are championships from AEW, ROH, and NJPW in play although titles from Impact and AAA have also been featured in the past. I will only count belts that have been featured on camera on AEW programing. Non AEW titles will not be given the same prestige as official AEW titles.

Factions that did not place:

Now that we're over two months into 2023, some trimming needs to occur when ranking the factions. While it would be comprehensive to compare every group, not all groups are created equal and I wanted to have a qualifying level.

The Acclaimed- Billy Gunn has one match in 2023. They Acclaimed are a successful tag team, but they just miss being a faction.

The Factory- To quote from QT's Twitter feed, "We did some fun stuff. Unfortunately, the amount of Factory hate from the “experts” in wrestling was too much and the group had to disband."

Dalton Castle and the Boys- I really see them as a ROH faction and they don't have the ring time in AEW to qualify.

Death Triangle- PAC's on the mend for his face injury while Pentagon and Fenix slowly try to regain some momentum.

Butcher/Blade/Bunny - Are Kip and Penelope part of this group? I'm saying no.

While it's possible that these groups could join the ranking in the future, for now they're on the outside looking in. On to the list.

#12 Spanish Announce Project (down 1 spot)

We may have 20 teams on this list by years end and I would not be surprised if SAP never rises out of the cellar. I still like this team a lot. Strength (0%)

#11 Trustbusters (down 2 spots)

Ari Davari looks more at home with the Varsity Athletes than with the Trustbusters as of late. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a re-alignment before the next installment of these rankings. Strength (21.1%)

#10 The Wingmen (no change)

Peter Avalon's feud with Jericho was fleeting but it showed that he can be a solid promo. If the other members of the Wingmen rallied behind their founder this team could move up the rankings, even if ever slightly. Strength (38.9%)

#9 Triple J (down 1 spot)

Formerly Team TNA (for the purposes of this article) Team Triple J can be a solid heel act in any feud. Jeff Jarrett has found a late career resurgence and I for one am loving it. Strength (45.5%)

#8 Top Flight (previously unranked)

With AR Fox continuing to team with Top Flight it's official in my eyes that they are a mainstay faction. It's a good triumvirate as AR Fox is one of the most innovative performers in wrestling today and the Martin brothers find new levels to high flying offense. Strength (66.7%)

#7 Dark Order (down 3 spots)

Despite having one of the highest win % of all the AEW factions, the Dark Order has yet to fulfill their purpose of recruiting anyone. If they can get just one new member they would rocket up the standings. Strength (88.2%)

#6 Jericho Appreciation Society (no change)

Strength: 74.1% Having a large membership helps to bolster that win percentage. Which is good because Jericho has the worst record of the whole group (he's 2-2).

Cohesion: High Not one member questions Jericho as leader.

Purpose: High

Attainment: NI- No gold and it's been a while since any member has even been in contention.

#5 The Firm (up 2 spots)

Strength: 60.5%

Cohesion: Mid- Are Matt Hardy and Private Party going to free themselves from this stable? They clearly want out.

Purpose: High- I almost went 'Mid' but I guess their purpose is to provide a unit for acts that don't really fit elsewhere. Stokley Hathaway's Island of Misfit Toys.

Attainment: High- Thanks to the Gunn Clubb, they hold onto gold.

#4 The Elite (down 3 spots)

Strength: 73.7%

Cohesion: High It's nice in any form of entertainment to see performers who genuinely like each other.

Purpose: High Continuing to be elite.

Attainment: Mid- Losing the Trios championships knocks the Elite down several spots. Kenny is still the NJPW US Champion.

#3 Blackpool Combat Club (no change)

Strength: 73.3%

Cohesion: Mid- If Danielson doesn't share a ring with the other members soon, I'm going to have to drop him from the group even if AEW doesn't acknowledge a separation.

Purpose: High- Fighting and bleeding across the world.

Attainment: High- Still holding two of the ROH belts keeps their attainment score high.

#2 Best Friends (no change)

Strength: 78.3%

Cohesion: High

Purpose: High- Still Friendly.

Attainment: High- Cassidy still has possession of the All-Atlantic Championship. If Kris Statlander returns soon, she may provide an avenue for even more gold.

#1 House of Black (up 4 spots)

Strength: 93.8% The best win percentage of all the AEW factions.

Cohesion: High- No dissention, no inner conflict, clear leadership.

Purpose: High

Attainment: High- They beat some of the best wrestlers of recent memory and claimed gold.

With two installments of the rankings in 2023, we can now see how groups are doing strength wise so far in 2023.

Trustbusters are in free-fall dropping almost 20% since January. Cutting Davari from the group would actually help raise this (although not by much). The Best Friends are the opposite as they made some big gains. At the top of the chart, Dark Order and House of Black have traded the top two spots.

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