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Weekly Ratings Leaderboard - 30/08/2020

Hello and welcome back the to Weekly Ratings Leaderboard, to see last week's issue you can look here:

This was overall a good week for every show, THE THUNDERDOME is helping Raw and Smackdown to their best numbers in months, and both NXT and AEW held up well on their unopposed nights despite competition from the RNC and the Weather Channel.

The main news for this week is just how well Raw did on the post-Summerslam episode. They one every demo outright except a loss to Smackdown in P2+ and a loss to the combined Wednesday numbers in M12-34 which doesn’t really count as NXT and AEW weren’t head-to-head this week.

Otherwise the major news is NXT beating AEW in total viewers and coming the closest they’ve done in a while in P18-49, with only a 0.05 loss. AEW did win every other demo except P50+ but this is still a bit of a feather in NXT’S cap


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