Top Ten Factions in Wrestling History

One of the keys of success in professional wrestling is "if you're struggling to win your match, just get a mate to help you out" and some of the greatest to lace up boots have adhered to that strategy.

This fortnight we are going to rank the greatest factions in wrestling history using the following criteria

  • Cagematch ratings with the threshold for being 50 or more votes

  • Titles won by members of a faction

  • Domination of the company that the faction wrestle in

  • Quality of the members of the group

So lets see who were the best factions of all time.

#1- The Four Horsemen

This is the obvious pick for the number one spot. Even if you take the legacy argument out of this and the fact that they would end up influencing the heel faction dominating the company booking trope that has been the norm for the last 36 years since their formation, The Four Horsemen numbers wise take dominate the metrics of what makes the best faction ever.

Top 10 Cagematch Rated Stables with more than 50 votes

  1. Four Horseman 9.77

  2. Los Ingobernables de Japon 9.73

  3. Ringkampf 9.61

  4. Hart Foundation 9.55

  5. The Shield 9.55

  6. Evolution 9.46

  7. British Strong Style 9.44

  8. The Elite 9.35

  9. D-Generation X 9.34

  10. New World Order 9.34

The first incarnation of the Horseman are first on the Cagematch list, their 31 titles are the most in a major American promotion, the 3 Hall of Famers that would come from the Horseman (Flair, Sting, Benoit) puts them third on that list. The 120 days from 20/4/88 to 10/9/88 that the third incarnation of the Horseman (Flair, Anderson, Blanchard, Windham) would all hold a belt would be the second longest amount of time that a faction would hold the top two singles belts and the tag belts in a promotion behind The Undisputed Era.

The only time this much havoc had been wreaked by this few a number of people, the Horseman dominated the 1980's in Jim Crockett Promotions and forever are the standard bearer for factions in professional wrestling.

#2- New World Order

The formation of the nWo would give a skyrocket to WCW's ratings which would see the company take the lead in The Monday Night War, a lead that which would last 83 weeks. While the numbers in the group would become bloated and WCW's usage of the nWo name seeing the creative team of the company coming up with six different versions of the faction with a spinoff in the Latino World Order, the first incarnation of the nWo changed the game of pro wrestling with Hulk Hogan's heel turn in forming the group one of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. The group would also run in New Japan with Masa Chono, Scott Norton and Great Muta winning the IWGP Heavyweight Title while wearing the black and white colours of the nWo, three of seven to hold a major world title while a member of the New World Order.

Major Titles won by factions (amount of wrestlers/team winning belts in parenthesis)

World Titles IC/US Titles Tag Titles

1- Four Horseman 14 (1) 5 (5) 4 (3)

2- New World Order 12 (7) 1 14 (7)

3- Bullet Club 7 (6) 7 (6) 13 (5)

4- Chaos 6 (2) 7 (3) 5 (4)

5- D-Generation X 5 (2) 4 (3) 10 (2)

6-Evolution 5 (2) 2 (2) 2 (1)

7- Los Ingobernables 4 (2) 6 (1) 3 (2)

8- Heenan Family 4 (1) 2 (2) 2 (2)

9- Super Generation Army 4 (2) 0 5 (3)

10- CTU 4 (3)* 0 4 (2)

Nine wrestlers that have been members of the various versions New World Order are in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Great Muta, Konnan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sting) with Ted Dibiase and Dusty Rhodes in management roles in the first version of the faction.

The nWo would be one of six factions to hold the two main singles titles and the tag team titles of a promotion at the same time, coming sixth on this list with Hogan holding the World Title, Curt Henning as US Champion and The Outsiders as tag champs at the same time for 28 days

While the end days of the nWo were a perfect example of how to rehash a golden goose to the point of exhaustion, the early days were an example of how to book an invasion angle which would lead to unforgettable television.

#3- Evolution

It may be a mystery as to why Evolution are so high on this list but when you look at the numbers, there is a clear line in the sand to separate Evolution from others on this list.

A sixth place in the Cagematch ratings alongside title success with five world titles won by two different people, Evolution would hold the major titles on the RAW brand simultaneously for 64 days. The group would also hold a title for 452 of the 572 days they were a quartet until Randy Orton was kicked out of the group for the cardinal sin of winning the World Heavyweight Title instead of Triple H.

Factions that have held a major companies main two singles and tag title at the same time

Undisputed Era- 126 days

Four Horseman- 120 days

Evolution- 64 days

Main Event Mafia- 45 days

New World Order- 28 days

Corporation- 21 days

On paper Evolution was just a chance for Triple H to replicate The Four Horseman but when put into practice they delivered the numbers to put them high on our list and would also live up to its name nurturing two future stars in Randy Orton and Batista.

#4- D-Generation X