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The Weekly Ratings Leaderboard - 05/09/2020

Welcome back to the weekly roundup of all the ratings, in a few weeks this article will be changing format to work as more of cumulative weekly total series, but for now it's the same leaderboard we all know and love. You can find last week's article here: if you want to make any quick comparisons.

Overall this was a fairly expected week for ratings, despite the pre-emptions affecting AEW and NXT. Raw was down slightly from last week but still beat Smackdown across the board except for P2+ and only just losing to the combined Wednesday number (which is skewed high as neither show competed with the other). The only other major note is NXT beating AEW in F12-34, something that hasn't happened since June 24th.

As always if you enjoy this, you can find me @WhyIsChester for any ratings questions and check out all the other content from Pro Wrestling Musings at @PWMusings


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