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Stardom Power Rankings - May 2022

It might be a bit harsh to say, but May was a bit of an underwhelming month for Stardom. Yes there were some interesting matches and some unfamiliar faces, but it didn't necessarily feel particularly important.

That's my excuse for why these Power Rankings are so late and I'm sticking to it!

A quick reminder that these rankings are based on the stats I've collected up to the 28th May Stardom Flashing Champions PPV (available in full at Stardom 2022.xlsx) and my general perception on who is on the up and who is on the not-so-up.


Syuri is the best in Stardom, the best in the World and probably the best in the known universe. At this stage her dominance is looking pretty much unstoppable. Completely unbeaten in May and still the World of Stardom Champion after dismantling Risa Sera on the PPV, Syuri could well hold the Red Belt for always and forever...and I think I'd be okay with that.

Unlike Syuri, Saya Kamitani was on the losing side on a few occasions in May. However the White Belt holder was still able to come up with two thumping Wonder of Stardom Championship defences against Maika and then Cinderella Tournament winner MIRAI. A fascinating clash with Starlight Kid at the July 9th Midsummer Champions PPV promises to be an excellent match, but will Saya still be champion at the end of it all?

May 28th saw AZM picking up her fourth successive High Speed Championship defence and I don't really fancy Momo Kohgo's chances of dethroning her at Midsummer Champions. It therefore looks as if AZM will go into the 5 Star GP holding the High Speed belt, and will potentially be one to really keep an eye on in that prestigious tournament.

Mayu is back! Sort of. Whilst the SWA World Championship isn't the most prestigious of titles in Stardom, Mayu's defeat of Thekla at the start of the month at least saw her returning to the limelight to a certain extent. And with doors, forbidden or otherwise, opening all over the wrestling world, let's really hope and pray that Mayu is able to go and defend this international title across the globe, rather than against Fukigen Death.

May saw Hazuki and Koguma reclaim their precious Goddesses of Stardom Championships with a successful revenge mission against Momo Watanabe and Starlight Kid followed by a successful defence against Giulia and Mai Sakurai. HZK also maintained her superior win percentage over Koguma and has also been pinned far less often than her team-mate, hence the slightly higher position here.

Whilst Koguma will have been delighted to get her half of the Goddesses of Stardom Championship back around her waist, the bear-lover did also suffer disappointment in May. A defeat to AZM when challenging for the High Speed Championship does appear to have pushed Koguma down the pecking order in terms of singles titles, but to be honest she always seems so happy that I'm not sure she's even noticed.

Losing the tag team championships was certainly a bad start to May for SLK, but she then went unbeaten in her last four matches in the month and helped claim the Artist of Stardom Championships for Oedo Tai at Flashing Champions. She has a White Belt title shot coming up in July and I don't think many people would be surprised to see her snatch that championship from Saya Kamitani.

An almost identical month to her Oedo Tai stablemate SLK, coupled with a similar title opportunity for the Red Belt coming in July, means this should really be equal 7th. Perhaps the only thing relegating Momo below SLK is that few, if any, see her winning that match with Syuri at Midsummer Champions. Now watch the Black Peach make me eat my words.

I know! I was surprised as well! But sometimes you just have to look at the statistics and Saki Kashima has the best winning record of anyone in Oedo Tai in 2022 and has also won more pinfalls than anyone else in Stardom this year (18 so far). Plus she now has a title around her waist as one of the Artist of Stardom champions. So you tell me she shouldn't be in this list!

MIRAI had an incredible May 2022. She went unbeaten in her first 10 matches, picking up seven wins, and all this whilst maintaining the mantle of Cinderella Tournament winner. Unfortunately, when push came to shove, the God's Eye member couldn't dethrone Saya Kamitani at Flashing Champions. So back down the list she goes....for now.


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