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Mercedes Mone X Stardom | In-ring Statistics | Giulia vs Tam Nakano and Mone's Trilogy.

Stardom is received the Mercedes Mone experience over the last few days from physical attacks, to press conference performances to a match with the very Icon of Stardom. Has it been a success? Probably. But has it hit the heights that it could have done? Almost certainly not, not yet anyway.

The match with KAIRI at New Japan Pro Wrestling's Battle in the Valley was a grand success. A brilliant feat of a first act after promising so much. This was a match that melded Mone's trademark in-ring presence and manner with an in-ring style that promised to fit in well with Stardom's quality in between the ropes.

The next step in Mone's run was a three-way a Sakura Genesis; originally slated to be a 1v1 showdown with AZM it saw Hazuki added after she drew with AZM in the Cinderella tournament. Personally, I'd have preferred the singles match with AZM but I have preference for matches that see the individual or team face up to their opponent directly.

Below you will find this three-way match for the IWGP Women's Championship contrasted with other three way matches. You may note this match out-stripped the others in it's use of strikedowns, grapples, dives, reversals, taunts (showpersonship) and pin attempts. This was mostly due to the shortness of this match meaning the three wrestlers could work at a breakneck pace.

The third and most recent match in Mone's three NJPW/Stardom matches thus far was her dream match with Mayu Iwatani. As a huge fan of Iwatani and of Mone's work in NXT, this one seemed like it was destined to be a triumph... However at only 13 minutes this match was limited in what it could accomplish; whether that was due to injury or to facilitate another match I couldn't tell you.

Again, we have a comparison of this match with other big Stardom matches that we have stats available for. Similarly, the short length means the pace of most statistics out-strips the comparisons. The theatrics of the match are captured in the Taunts category are a particular feature. However the other action could be developed further, especially as this match pales in comparison to either competitor's stronger work.

Below you will find the three matches discussed throughout contrasted with each other. Each was very different but you may find it interesting if you felt one of the competitors did something particular in one of the matches.

So what is the purpose of Mercedes Mone's run with the Bushiroad promotions? Was it to get eyes on the US show and the Okada/Tanahashi main event? To boost World subscriptions via the Sakura Genesis appearance? Or was it to get eyes on Stardom's world class roster? If so the match that followed her appearance on Stardom All-Star Grand Queendom would need to be carefully selected.

Click the images above to discover the details from this match; how each wrestler performed, how the action in the ring progressed and how this championship match compares with three other notable matches from the last couple of years.


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