Stardom 5STAR GP | In-ring Statistics and Match Reviews | Nights 1+2

This is my second 5 STAR GP with last year’s being my proper introduction to Stardom. With my interest in New Japan and the forthcoming G1 at an all-time low, the Stardom 5STAR GP is my personal most anticipated wrestling tournament of the year!

In this article you will find Red and Blue Stars block tables, In-ring Stats for each matcha and a short piece of analysis to review each match. Contributors are:

- Ashutosh (@RainmakerSZN)

- Dan (@WrestlingRhymes)

- Craig (@CraigPWMusings)

Red Stars Block Standings

Blue Stars Block Standings

Night 1

I'm not a death match fan and I'm not a Death match fan either. She's Yano but not as entertaining... The rope walk spot is kind of cool but that's as far as i can go here. Mina Shirakawa was interesting enough to make this passable at 4 minutes. It'll be interesting to see what's next for her. -Craig

The High-Speed Champion met the ‘High-Speed Genius’ in a match that predictably brought about the most dives of any match on the first night of 5 Star action together with an impressive array of reversals. Natsupoi’s dominance was also predictable based on Koguma’s relative lack of recent experience, but despite 82% of the match offence, Poi couldn’t get the job done. Koguma produced a brilliant backs-against-the-wall performance and struck when needed to give Poi only her third singles defeat of 2021, and presumably setup a title match further down the road. -Dan

Earlier in the year Tam Nakano entered Unagi Sayaka into a run of seven singles matches to help her get up to speed in Stardom. After this surprise result, Tam may be regretting that decision. The tale of this match was dominance from the leader of Cosmic Angels, as whilst Unagi threw several shots (45 to Tam’s 29) her 4% strikedown rate showed their limited impact. Tam also executed some brutal submission moves and chuntered at her protige with 22 taunts in just 13 minutes. But it was all for naught as Unagi recovered to take the victory and prove to the White Belt Champion that she perhaps doesn’t need her mentorship anymore. -Dan

A fascinating match in which Starlight Kid’s entire demeanour and style changed to match her recent decision to stick with Oedo Tai. Her cocky entrance was matched by an unheard-of number of taunts from the previously sugary sweet SK and that bravado was coupled with a new brutal in-ring approach. Throwing more strikes than normal, avoiding her trade-mark dives and resorting to five times as many fouls as her opponent, Starlight Kid really appears to have embraced the dark side. Her approach was equally vicious, targeting Giulia’s leg and slapping on some significant submission holds to wear down her opponent. Nonetheless, pre-tournament favourite (in many eyes at least) Giulia withstood this barrage of wicked offence and ultimately her power came to prominence. A very tricky hurdle cleared by the leader of Donna Del Mondo. -Dan

106 Strikes were thrown at Syuri in this encounter but at no point did she look like losing to Saya Kamitani. This is a compliment to the imposing figure Syuri cuts in the Stardom ring. She seems to be the number 2 in the Donna Del Monde stable but she currently sits very near the summit of the Stardom landscape and this terrifying performance against Saya Kamitani cemented that and whetted appetites for a strong 5STAR run. -Craig

Mayu Iwatani is my second favourite wrestler in the whole world after one, Kenny Omega. However, she was lucky to get out of this one alive! Momo Watanabe may have only hit her with 25 Strikes but each one looked worth about 10! Couple that with almost 100s of Submission hold usage in total and Momo Watanabe cut a ferocious figure in her surprise victory over the former World of Stardom Champion! I am fascinated to see what Momo Watanabe does moving forward with this terrifying approach to her matches. -Craig.

Utami Hayashishita is currently having my favourite title reign in all of wrestling and has the presence of a star. Maika arrived with a lot of determination to avenge her loss to Utami earlier this year. Main eventing the first night of the 5-star GP they had a big task on their hands to deliver and they did. It was as close as the match offense stat suggests. 51 to 49. Doesn’t get any closer than that. They traded a lot of big strikes and moves with lariats and brainbusters. Maika brought her best submission game here as she spent a lot of time torturing Utami’s right arm, spending a whopping 130 seconds trying to get Utami to tap out. Utami did try to survive the onslaught with great resiliency showing why she’s been champ all this time but, on this night, Maika was just better. - Ashutosh

Night 2

Two matches in and Unagi Sayaka has two wins under her belt. She was played up as the underdog against Tam Nakano via Tam no-selling her Strikes and utilising a plethora of Strikedowns showing Unagi as her inferior only for Unagi to pull out an unlikely win with her killshot-like Finisher. This was similar with Unagi pulling out an upset after being on the losing end of the offence split; AZM more than doubling Sayaka’s offence. -Craig

Starlight Kid needed this win over her stable mate, only 5 Fouls against Giulia and against a fellow Odeo Tai member she almost looked like a babyface again here. This one was an even one without too much evidence of Starlight Kid’s attitude going forward. However, her finish looks incredibly nasty, and Kashima sold it impec