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Stardom 2022 Statistics - February Snapshot

I'm a nerd. Let's be honest if you're reading this, so are you. So let's all revel in our super awesome nerd-ness with some wrestling statistics!

I have recently put up my Power Rankings for Stardom following the end of February 2022 (article available at Stardom Power Rankings - February 2022 ( and this companion piece attempts to explain some of the reasoning behind those decisions.

The full stats that I have compiled so far are available at Stardom 2022.xlsx, so please feel free to have a look and toggle the different columns to make your own findings...and of course then tell me how wrong I am.

Who is the Winningest?

As we will see with some of the other tables below, wins and losses cannot be taken in isolation when judging the relative success or failure of a particular wrestler. It is however a useful starting point in determining who is having a good year and who could do with a bit of a change in fortunes.

Current queen of the overall win percentage stats? Hazuki....which explains her lofty position in the February Power Rankings. With 14 wins in 18 matches she also has the most wins of any member of the roster, and her FWC compatriot Koguma is also riding high in 4th place on winning-ness.

Donna Del Mondo's Himeka and Maika also top the 70% winning threshold and the top 5 is rounded out by Miss Mayuism herself, Mayu Iwatani.

Elsewhere there are surprisingly low figures for the likes of former Red Belt holder Utami Hayashashita, Stardom golden girl Giulia and new evil Oedo Tai friends Momo Watanabe and Starlight Kid, but for some these stats on their own don't tell the whole story.

At the other end of the table (ignoring Risa Sera and Akane Fujita who have only had one match which was a draw) is, unsurprisingly, Waka Tsukiyama who is still in the stage of her development where losing is the norm.

More concerned by their current plight should be Unagi Sayaka who has just 3 wins in 18 matches in 2022. Cosmic Angels as a collective in fact are having a poor year in terms of wins and losses, with Mina Shirakawa their highest scorer with only 27.8% wins to her name.

The final statistic of interest here (to me at least) is the very high number of draws against quite a few names. World of Stardom Champion Syuri, for example, was involved in 5 draws in February alone. It is an understandable trope to use for Stardom as they seek to protect their stars from defeat without resorting to the WWE style of throwing about DQs and No Contests willy-nilly. But if Stardom continue to rely on the time-limit draw when we get to some of the more important matches later in the year, I suspect there will be significant criticism from some quarters.

Who is Pinning and Who is Getting Pinned?

As mentioned above, there are some seemingly key figures within the world of Stardom who are not seeing great returns when it comes to wins and losses. Yet a look at who is actually getting the pins, and perhaps more importantly who is taking the pinfalls, gives us a bit more insight to those win/loss statistics. This is particularly important in a promotion like Stardom where multi-woman tag matches mean someone can be on the losing side frequently without actually taking a defeat themselves.

Take Tam Nakano, for example. Her 26.7% win percentage and 9 losses seems a fairly pitiful record for 2022. But whilst she has not been picking up victories, she is also yet to suffer a single pinfall this year.

Others not to take a pin so far in 2022 include Syuri, Utami, Hazuki, Mayu and everyone's favourite under-achiever Momo Watanabe. Hearing the Black Peach in this illustrious company will be music to the ears of those of us who want to see much more for Momo this year, and for me indicates she will be swimming with the big sharks of Stardom soon.

Oddly the other person not to eat a pin this calendar year is....Fukigen Death. So is a sad-clown Red Belt run on the horizon? Probably not.

Koguma is the incontrovertible queen of the pinfalls in the first two months of the year, picking up the pin in an incredible 44.4% of her matches so far in 2022. Saki Kashima is a surprise name at the top of this list, although her 7 pinfalls given are slightly undermined by her 7 pins taken. Thekla is also picking up a fair few pins, underlining her position as a breakout star (in Stardom at least) of 2022.

Again poor Waka brings up the rear having been pinned in 14 out of 15 of her matches, and Lady C's move to Queens Quest hasn't yet brought about a change in her 'being pinned a lot' fortunes. Overall there are 7 wrestlers with 'pinned' percentages of 50% or above, showing clearly how Stardom books their week-to-week shows to keep the upper-card stars feeling special.

Singles Matches and Title Matches - Early Days

For all the stats we can draw from tag and multi-woman matches, it is in singles matches and, more importantly, title matches where the most important conclusions can be drawn. Of course with only 2 months of 2022 under our belts, it is far too early to gain significant insight with only 14 title matches and 20 singles matches having taken place. The end of April, after the conclusion of the Cinderella Tournament and following the two nights at Ryogoku, will give us more of a steer on who is winning the important contests.

Still it is Thekla who is leading the way in singles matches so far, picking up 3 wins from 3. Hazuki, Momo Watanabe and White Belt holder Saya Kamitani also have 100% records from their 2 singles matches so far.

Where title matches are concerned, it's not pretty reading for Starlight Kid. SLK is arguably the best performer in Stardom in 2022, and yet from her three title matches this year she is yet to pick up a win, losing the High Speed Title to Natsupoi in an absolute banger at Cinderella Journey.

Koguma and Hazuki are 3 from 3 having won the tag belts and defending them twice, whilst Thekla is also at 100% having defeated Mina Shirakawa to claim the vacant SWA Title and then defending it against Saki Kashima.

Who is in the Spotlight?


In other words, who have Stardom been promoting in their final matches of shows, the spot traditionally held for the headliners.

The answer? Donna Del Mondo. Giulia leads the way with 6 Main Event performances whilst DDM members make up 7 of the top 12 in this list. The wonderful Starlight Kid and the newly dark Momo Watanabe are also getting a lot of top-level exposure.

But perhaps the most upsetting and downright wrong statistic in the entire collection? In the 18 shows that Stardom has held so far in 2022, Mayu Iwatani has not headlined once.

I am writing to my MP in fury.


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