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AEW Stats Post-Mortem & Preview: Styles Make Fights #30

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

If you are in any way unsure about the meaning of anything in a Styles-Make-Fights Stat Block, please check out the SMF Tutorial for a full explanation of everything SMF, then please come back for this installment!


Previewing the Cole vs Jungle Boy fight, I pointed out that Adam Cole's offense sure looks a lot like Jungle Boy's. To me, he wrestles like a guy who doesn't realize the Elite are the bad guys, and that's really intriguing!

However, that was based on only one match. In the Jungle Boy match, he used a much more targeted, less kitchen-sink approach to offense. He got a lot more strikedowns and used less throws and suplexes. His rate of fouls is still REALLY low for an antagonist, there were no fouls or outside interference or even distractions throughout the match until the very end. But the one foul he used, the mule kick low blow, was very impactful and led directly to his win.

Previewing Sammy Guevara challenging for the TNT Championship, I said that I anticipated that he wouldn't fight like he does on average, (below on the left,) but like he has lately, since his change of heart, (below on the right.)

I was half right: he continued to use more grapple moves and less submission holds than he used to, but he brought back the fouls. It will be interesting to see, going forward with his reign, whether that was a Miro thing... or a TNT title thing.

After Danielson's debut draw against the World Champion, I said that I would not be surprised to see the same basic proportions of offense going forward, but with higher rates. In his match against Nick Jackson, Friday, that is exactly what we see:


Serena Deeb plays spoiler as Hikaru Shida goes for Win #50

This match should be an absolutely fascinating clash of styles. Deeb has one of the most focused offense styles you'll see: she uses technical wrestling, power grapples, and fouls, and almost totally eschews every other category of offense.

This is a major tests for Shida, her first match on Dynamite, or against marquee-level talent since losing her World Championship to Britt Baker. See below the difference between Shida's matches before dropping the title and since:

In her matches against the scrubs who have been up against her on Elevation, the matches have been less than half as long. and there are whole categories of her game (strikedowns and technical) that she simply has had no need to put into play. I expect that her match tomorrow night will be much closer to the former than the latter. Especially, I have high hopes that the match will get plenty of time to reach toward greatness!

CM Punk vs Daniel Garcia


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