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AEW Stats Preview: Kingston vs Danielson Styles Make Fights #31

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

If you are in any way unsure about the meaning of anything in a Styles-Make-Fights Stat Block, please check out the SMF Tutorial for a full explanation of everything SMF, then please come back for this installment!

Styles Make Fights has been on a bit of an impromptu hiatus, my work schedule hasn't been very conducive to writing. My apologies to anybody who has missed my insights! But the match-up tomorrow night on Rampage between Kingston & Danielson is very much a dream match for me, especially after Kingston's amazing promo acknowledging the impact of his struggles with mental health, and Danielson's asinine "well, I struggle too, and it doesn't keep me from the gym" response.

Below is a stat block comparing the offense mix of each man on average:

Considering the differences in their personal styles and perspectives, and how different the look and feel of their wrestling is, they have surprisingly similar mixes of offense. Kingston's offense is rough and ready in contrast to Danielson's focus on perfection of execution. But the only BIG difference in their graphs of offence percentiles is in the type of striking. Strikes are a centerpiece of both men's offense, but while Danielson is a volume striker, Kingston goes for knock downs.

As a person, I fervently hope that Kingston backfists Danielson into the fifth dimension. But as an analyst, I recognize what an unlikely upset that would be. I just want Kingston gets a few good shots in, for all of us messy fuck-ups.


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