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Miyu Yamashita/Maki Ito vs Shoko Nakajima/Hyper Misao | In-ring Statistics.

This TJPW match is currently sitting at 9.04 on Cagematch, however to qualify for my Cagematch matches of the year article, I'm looking for matches to be rated by over 100 people to qualify. So I'm providing the statistics and analysis for this one here because I found it to be an enjoyable watch even for a very very casual TJPW watcher like myself.

This reminded some of the late 80s/early 90s AJPW tag matches where there are two things going on at once. This match was often centred on the ring but you're aware the other two wrestlers are interacting on the outside. If you check out the comparisons of the stats in the final image below, you'll discover that this match was all about layout as the offence was measured.

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