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Miyahara vs Nakajima | In-ring Statistics | NOAH One Night Dream

As of time of writing, there are 177 ratings for Kento Miyahara vs Katsuhiko Nakajima from Noah's One Night Dream on Cagematch and a whopping 134 of them are 10/10s. That's 76% of voters giving this match a perfect rating.

Below you will be able to see how such a strongly rated match was constructed.

Almost all the action is strikes apart from 9 grapples and 4 submission holds:

This was the story of a dominant 'sempai' repelling challenges that came in bursts from their 'kohai':

You'll notice there were large chunks of this match where the two were sparring for control or cancelled each other out:

This match was slow and measured with big hits with one particular peak:

Below you can see an overview of how these four different ways of viewing the statistics feed into each other:

You can see how slow and measured this match is when compared to other significant matches in Noah's recent history:

By comparing this match with other excellent matches from 2023, you can see the considered pace again but also how this match utilised heavy strikes; strikedowns, to set itself apart:


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