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Mitsuhara Misawa vs Jumbo Tsuruta - The Four Pillars #2

The Four Pillars #2 - The Prince Makes a Statement

Cagematch Rating - 9.38 (134)

Grappl Rating - 4.78 (56)

WON - 5*


This is a surprising watch from a 2021 viewer, I went in expecting the pull of this match being hard hitting strikes and suplexes however it was story-based. The match took the form of a heavy-handed giant and the disrespectful up and comer who is not afraid to take to the skies. As well as his 5 successful dives, Misawa also went for 2 more that Jumbo countered.

Notable analysis is the flow of the match which saw Jumbo threaten to over-whelm Misawa but for the younger talent to play counter-wrestler to gain the win.


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