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Match Stats - Ciampa vs Keith Lee vs Finn Balor

NXT - 11.12.19 - NXT Championship No1 Contender

Things to Notice:

  • Ciampa has more strikes than Lee and Balor combined.

  • He also hit the most grapples.

  • The biggest man hit the most dives. Standard Keith Lee.

  • Basically no submissions.

  • A fairly clean match except one Ciampa eye-poke.

Things to Notice:

  • Ciampa's biggest flurry of offence dwarfs the rest of the match.

  • Lee has the second biggest flurry but it isn't even half the size.

  • Balor very much on the outskirts of the match.

  • Ciampa faded, drastically.

  • Lee was building momentum before Balor sneaked in.


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