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Jumbo Tsuruta vs Genichiro Tenryu - The Four Pillars #1

The Four Pillars #1 - Setting the Stage

Cagematch Rating - 9.49 (106)

Grappl Rating - 4.62 (24)

WON - 5*


Genichiro Tenryu bested Jumbo Tsuruta much to the delight of the AJPW crowd in a true underdog performance. The majority of the match was controlled by Jumbo before Tenryu reacted to a period of Jumbo dominance culminating in a Back Suplex with a late surge leading to him hitting two Powerbombs for the win.

Jumbo's dominance was punctuated by large grinding submissions and a lead in each other offensive metric. Tenryu's underdog performance was underlined by a reversal differential, zero taunts and having less pin fall chances.

This match was characterised by a lack of reversals in general and wrestlers having periods of dominance over their opponent for about 5 minutes before the tide would shift. The match was laid out so that Tenryu's win was a surprise, at least that's how I experienced this match!


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