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In-ring Statistics | Utami Hayashishita vs Syuri Kondo | Stardom Dream Queendom.

The long awaited third match in Utami and Syuri's 2021 trilogy arrived on the third last day on 2021. Early reviews are terrific with CAGEMATCH, so far, rating it higher than the first encounter which had a slightly Okada/Omega effect on Stardom's renown. We are here today to look at the statistics behind this future classic...

In-ring Statistics

At the end of over half an hour of fairly balance competition Utami and Syuri were separated by around 20 Strikes and a minute and a half of Submission time. This added up to Syuri leading Utami by 20% of the total Match Offence.

Utami Hayashishita was only able to get the better of Syuri in terms of a couple of Grapples and a Strikedown. Syuri managed 17 extra Strikes, 2 more Dives and over 100s of Submission time.

Flow of Offence

The Flow of Offence really underscores the back and forth nature of this encounter. Syuri's 16th minute is notable as is Utami's 32nd. Syuri achieved an advantage in 20 of this match's minutes, whereas Utami led in 14.

Cumulative Flow of Offence

The Cumulative Flow of Offence really underscores how Syuri was a step ahead throughout and Utami had to cling onto her coat-tails in hope of keeping up.

Flow of Match Offence

As you may notice this match stayed mostly in the 0-20 value range with two huge spikes. It started slow for the first 4 minutes, with the two spikes preceding two up and down sections with one of which resulting in the end of the match.


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