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AEW Revolution 2022 | In-ring Statistics | MJF/CM Punk, Danielson/Moxley, Cole/Hangman

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Hello and welcome to this very belated issue of In-ring Statistics. In this edition we cover all the statistics from the AEW Revolution 2022 main card. The statistics featured below covers all title matches and the big singles grudge matches. Without further adieu:

CM Punk vs MJF - Dog Collar Match


- Punk almost doubles MJF's total offence.

- Punk's domination of MJF is underpinned by his use of weapons.

- The only attacking metric where MJF held the advantage was submission.

- MJF was forced to utilise more reversals but Punk still reversed more moves on a pro rata basis.

- MJF failed to get in any offence for 6 straight minutes of this match.

- The pace and intensity of this match really dipped after minute 16.

Jon Moxley vs Bryan Danielson


- Moxley and Danielson both hit a century of strikes in just over 21 minutes. In his match with Hangman, Hangman failed to break 100 strikes.

- This match was very back and forth with both competitors rarely taking total control.

- This match peaked highest in the middle but used a lull to make the ratcheting up of the pace to feel as momentous.

'Hangman' Adam Page vs Adam Cole - AEW World Championship


- This match used reversals to communicate the struggle between the two men.

- There was a literal spread of offence throughout the attacking metrics here; each competitor made use of all manners of attack.

- The Flow of Offences highlight the almost symbiotic ebb and flow of the two men's offence and the match's consistent pace.

Jurassic Express vs Young Bucks vs reDRagon - AEW World Tag Team Championships


- Hugely contrasting strategies are captured by the in-ring stats.

- Jurassic Express were victorious but did not make as much use of the tag rules.

- Jurassic Express spent a huge portion of this match fending off attacks from the heels; check out those reversals!

Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho, Thunder Rosa vs Britt Baker and Tay Conti vs Jade Cargill:


- Baker leans heavily on fouls.

- Conti's strategy leant heavily on grapples.

- Jericho's quantity of strikes fell to Kingston's quality.

Comparison - Four Big Singles Matches


- MJF with less than half the strike rate of anyone else.

- Page's strikedowns are significantly more numerous than his peers.

- Jericho and Kingston's AJPW-inspired match brought the grapples.

- Page/Cole was the most back and worth match.

- Danielson, unsurprisingly, used the most submission per hour of wrestling.

Comparison - Match Flows


- Punk/MJF was the most measured use of offence despite the extreme nature of the match.

- Unsurprisingly, 6 men are able to share the load to achieve the most frenetic pace.

- All 4 matches had markedly different structures; MJF/Punk sold the struggle via declining action, Moxley/Danielson had the biggest use of peaks and throughs, Page/Cole had a remarkably consistent pace throughout with one distinct peak, and the 3-way tag had a constistenly frenetic pace with several big peaks.


Thank you for reading! A lot of work goes into these stats and it's always good to hear feedback. Add your own comments and/or observations in the comments below. Follow us @PWMusings on Twitter for our most up to date stats.


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