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Piper in Portland | Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine | In-ring Statistics

Bret in Canada, Piper in Portland and MJF in Long Island. The more learned wrestling commentators picked up on the Dog Collar hints via the Piper reference coupled with the fact MJF literally ran from Punk on more than one occasion.

I was not one of those people! I'm not a wrestling historian. I'm a relatively new fan, so I have spent the last hour watching the Dog-Collar match between Piper and Valentine. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of what to expect in the MJF/Punk match at Revolution using the much-referred to Piper/Valentine match.

What Will Actually Happen? | Piper/Valentine In-ring Statistics

This match was a grisly exchange of strikes and 'submissions' using the chain. Valentine's strikes were aimed at Piper's ear due to a previous injury. However, Piper countered this by simply hitting Valentine with the chain rather than his bare hands! This simple strategy led to the win as this contest ended with Piper countering a Valentine dive attempt with a procession of 6 strikes of the chain.

The Cody Rhodes/Brodie Lee Dog Collar match was not built in the manner of the upcoming Punk/MJF one. In fact it came a little out of nowhere and wasn't linked to the story; Cody wasn't running from Brodie but rather towards him. So the rather 'state of the art' Dog Collar match that Cody and Brodie put on probably isn't the template for the upcoming Revolution one.

Expect MJF and Punk to pay homage to Valentine and Piper. There will be more modern twists to this like their feud has. However the grisly theme of Valentine/Piper will be the foundation for Punk/MJF. We'll be looking at huge volumes of strikes and a splattering of submissions. Expect a little more grapple and dive based offence from MJF/Punk and they add to the foundation provided by Valentine and Piper; a chain wrapped Punk Elbow Drop and a chain assisted Fujiwara Arm Bar?

I'm really not too sure how to predict the structure of this match. MJF is going to take a beating and get busted open. Punk probably will too, however is blood becoming too guaranteed in a lot of these matches? Maybe he's done his already.

What I can predict with a great degree of certainty is that this match will see big peaks and troughs for the individual offence counts throughout the match. Wrestlers may go a few minutes in a row without achieving any offence as they sustain brutal periods of offence. Another prediction I'd make is that Punk will achieve the biggest offensive flurry of the match in a comeuppance spell for MJF.


I'm going to leave this there and will come back to this post MJF vs CM Punk. I'm not good at concluding these articles so let me know if you have any tips! I'll reference this article in my In-ring Statistics write up of the match at Revolution.


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