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AEW Power Rankings I Factions #3 I November 3nd

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Last month I said that I didn't have a formula or anything for assessing the power of AEW factions, and since then I've been asking myself: "well, why not?" It's actually a perfect problem for the tool that is usually called a "decision matrix". (I prefer "attribute matrix", and this is a perfect example of why: a problem where we want to rank options based on their attributes without looking to make or justify a decision.)

The idea is that you break down what determines how "good" each of your options is into its component attributes, you consider the relative importance of those attributes and make that into a weighted sum formula. Then you give each option ratings on the same scale for each attribute, then plug those ratings into the formula to get a score used to rank your options.

In the case of AEW factions, I settled on four attributes: competitive strength, team cohesion, purpose and direction, and attainment of gold and wins over competitive rivals. I scored each faction on a scale of 0 to 5 in each attribute. I created a simple weighting: I believe that cohesion (each member of the team having a useful role, knowing it, and willingly playing that role without dissension) is the most important attribute, so I weighted that score by multiplying by 1.5 before adding up the attributes to arrive at a score for ranking.

I was surprised to see Britt Baker's group in the lead, edging out the other dominant heel groups:

#1 - Major Dental

Last Week: #3

Gold Held: AEW World Championship

Strength - 4: Major Dental is a small group as faction go, but they are in a small division with no factional competition. Among the three of them, they boast two of the very best in their division, and one useful roleplayer

Cohesion - 5: This is what pushes them to the top. Britt Baker is a nasty and condescending person, but she makes a point to direct her venom outward

Purpose - 5: Tonight we will start to see if holding ALL of the gold in the women's division will be added to their mission statement, and if scope creep will become a problem or if the TBS title will just be another feather in their cap

Attainment - 4: Currently hold the only gold in their division and succeeding in beating off challenges

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD - Captain, Star, Mastermind

Jamie Hayter - Heater

REBEL not Reba - Buffoon

#2 - The Elite

Last Week: #1

Team mates attrited: The Good Brothers

Gold Held: AEW World Championship, AAA Mega Championship

Gold Lost: Impact Tag Championships (via attrition)

Strength - 5: This pared down group is truly at the highest competitive level

Cohesion - 4: Cracks are beginning to show between Adam Page and Kenny Omega, which is what cost them the top spot for the first time

Purpose - 4: The Elite exist to gather gold and acclaim for themselves. But with Kenny the only member still holding any, do they all still have the same vision?

Attainment - 4: They still hold the most important title in the world, but suffered a big loss to a rival they would have thought themselves in a different league from.

Kenny Omega - Captain, Star

Adam Cole - Lancer

Matt Jackson - Lieutenant, Tag guy

Nick Jackson - Tag guy

Don Callis - Mentor, mastermind, buffoon

Brandon Cutler - Stooge, mascot, mook

MT Nakazawa - Stooge, mascot, mook

#3 - The Pinnacle

Last Week: #10!

Gold Gained: AAA Tag Championships

Strength - 4: Undeniably top echelon

Cohesion - 4: Everyone in this team has their roles and plays them perfectly. The only issue is Wardlow's simmering resentment of Friedman's "leadership style."

Purpose - 5: The Pinnacle exist to dominate and gather all the gold. They are finally showing that they know that.

Attainment - 3: Taking the AAA Tag titles from Death Triangle is a good first step. Challenging Darby Allin for who will truly be the future of the company is a good move: thinking several moves ahead, but that still depends on Maxwell coming out ahead.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman - Captain, Star, mastermind

Shawn Spears - Loose Cannon

Wardlow - Heater

Tully Blanchard - Mentor

Cash Wheeler - Tag guy

Dax Harwood - Tag guy

#4 - Death Triangle

Last Week: #2

Gold Held: AEW Tag Championships

Gold Lost: AAA Tag Championships

Strength - 4: Amazing concatenation!

Cohesion - 5: Normally a team needs clear roles, but this is the exception that proves the rule, These are three brothers in arms who each have the skills, flexibility, and lack of ego (at least with one another!) to succeed in any role needed at any given time

Purpose - 2: This is their downfall. Do they have an end goal or a game plan beyond mutual protection?

Attainment - 4: Despite losing the AAA titles, the Lucha Bros still keep and successfully defend the top prize in AEW's tag division. PAC scored the first W over the dominant Andrade

Penta EZM - Big Brother

Rey Fenix - Little Brother

PAC - Blood Brother

Alex Abrahantes - Buffoon

#5 - The Inner Circle

Last Week: #5

Gold Held: TNT Championship

Strength - 4: THE BEST

Cohesion - 5: Their roles are in flux, but the authenticity of their bond is undeniable

Purpose - 2: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." When all of your feuds revolve around whether you should break up, maybe it's time

Attainment - 4: Coming out ahead in individual and group feuds and holding the TNT title

Chris Jericho - Captain

Sammy Guevara - Star

Santana - Tag guy

Ortiz - Tag guy

Jake Hager - Heater

#6 - The Dark Order

Last Week: #6

Strength - 3: No contenders, but good

Cohesion - 4: They've overcome the dissension that had been troubling them and reforged their bond. Even lacking clear roles, stepping back from the precipice is impressive

Purpose - 2: Other than helping one another, they have no clear mission

Attainment - 3: Despite never holding gold, a massive factional win over the Elite is a huge feather, and a taste of redemption

Negative One - Mascot

Anna Jay - Friend

Evil Uno - Friend

Stu Grayson - Friend

Colt Cabana - Friend

John Silver - Friend

Alex Reynolds - Friend

Pres10 Vance - Friend

Alan Angels - Friend

#7 - Best Friends

Last Week: #9

Strength - 3: They'd have top contenders in every division, if Trent were healthy

Cohesion - 5: Obviously

Purpose - 2: Just friendship?

Attainment - 1: Both Statlander and Cassidy have tournament opportunities, but no counting chickens yet

Orange Cassidy - Star

Kris Statlander - Heater

Trent? - Tag guy

Chuck Taylor - Tag guy

Wheeler Yuta - Rookie

#8 - Allied Forces

Last Week: #4

Gold Lost: Impact World Championship

Members missing without explanation (or anyone much noticing): Marko Stunt

Strength - 5: One of the most star-filled, talented teams, and one of the least successful

Cohesion - 3: Held together solely by a common enemy, no clear roles

Purpose - 2: Purely reactive

Attainment - 1: Other than Danielson, October was unkind

Bryan Danielson - Captain, Star

Christian Cage - Lieutenant

Jungle Boy - Rookie

Frankie Kazarian - Loose Cannon

Luchasaurus - Heater

Marko Stunt - Mascot

#9 - Team Taz

Last Week: #7

Strength - 3

Cohesion - 4

Purpose - 3

Attainment - 0

Ricky Starks - Star

Will Hobbs - Heater

Taz - Mentor

HOOK - Stooge

#10 - Wingmen

Last Week: Not ranked

These guys hang around the edge of the top 10 on potential alone. Will they ever fulfill it?

Strength - 1

Cohesion - 5

Purpose - 2

Attainment - 0

Ryan Nemeth - Star

JD Drake - Lancer

Cezar Bononi - Heater

Pretty Peter Avalon - Buffoon, Captain?

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Craig William
Craig William
05 de nov. de 2021

Great to see the HFO where they belong. Completely last!

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