AEW Power Rankings 9 - 29.11.19

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Each Week Pro Wrestling Musings brings you a statistically informed Power Rankings. Wrestlers are ranked based on their statistical records with weighting given to the more recent results as is in keeping with Power Rankings and their kayfabe power and stature in the company.

The statistics that inform this Power Rankings can be found here:

1. Chris Jericho

Last Week, 1st - unmoved.

Chris Jericho had his standard eventful week in AEW. He got his long-awaited thank you, introduced his dad to the audience and dominated another segments and finally, he defended his AEW World Championship against the man who pinned him two weeks ago.

In his third defense of the AEW World Championship, Jericho managed to fend off the hungry challenger, Scorpio Sky with a mixture of the involvement of Jake Hager and the re-establishment of the 'Liontamer'/'Walls of Jericho' as a deadly finishing manoeuvre.

It wasn't all roses and 'A Little Bit of the Bubbly' for Jericho though as Jon Moxley came out at the end of the show to burn a hole through Jericho with his stare.

Overall - 1. Male Overall - 1. Male 1-1 - 1.

2. SCU

Last Week, 2nd - Unmoved.

There will be mixed feelings for Scorpio Sky after this one. One the one hand, he lost. However, he gave a very good account of himself and one would not be surprised to see him in this position again in the future.

In the main event of Dynamite against the AEW World Champion, Scorpio Sky picked up 60% of the offense and really troubled the champion who has dominated proceedings in AEW thus far.

SCU are still tag team champions and are way out in front of that division. There next challengers will have strong and established champions to attempt to dethrone.

Scorpio Sky: Overall - 4. Male Overall - 3. Tag - 1.

Frankie Kazarian: Overall - 5. Male Overall - 4. Tag - 1.

Christopher Daniels: Overall - 16. Male Overall - 13. Trio - 1.

3. Jon Moxley

Last Week 4th - Up 1.

Jon Moxley delivered a fire promo and came out at the end of the show to stare down Chris Jericho. Jon Moxley may not have wrestled but he is on such a hot streak post-victories over Omega and Darby that promos and making his presence known are enough to build his standing.

Although he may not be recognised by AEW as the number one contender, at PWM he is hot on the heels of 'Le Champion'

Overall - 5. Male Overall - 4. Male 1-1 - 2.

4. Riho

Last Week, 3rd - Down 1.

The AEW Women's Champion was absent from Dynamite again. There is a lot of debate online about how the AEW Women's division is run. This will not help the company. Chris Jericho has been on every episode of Dynamite. Riho has not.

Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida and Emi Sakura seem to be jostling to challenge her for the championship. All three of them are worthy challengers and may be able to put her position in doubt. On the other hand, Riho has defeated all three of these wrestlers since AEW was established.

Overall - 2, Female Overall - 2, Female 1-1 - 1.

5. Hikaru Shida

Last Week, 5th - Unmoved

Hikaru was on the losing side of a tag team contest this week. However, she wasn't pinned. Due to Sakura and Priestly being far enough behind her in the pecking order she has not been leap-frogged by any of her opponents. However, her loss does mean Britt Baker is not ahead of her in the standings.

Despite technically falling behind Baker, her recent wins and performances still suggests that as opportunities to earn a challenge against Riho come up she will be in pole to earn such a match.

Overall - 11, Female Overall - 3, Female 1-1 - 2.

6. MJF

Last week, 10th - Up 4.

MJF won the Dynamite Dozen Diamond ring this week on Dynamite. The ring, presented by Diamond Dallas Page, is valued at $43 000 . What it means or affords the holder is unclear, however AEW have presented it as a big deal.

To win this prize he defeated Adam Page and is still very much on the mind of Cody Rhodes. With the intimidating Wardlow backing him up he is a force in AEW whether anyone likes it or not.

As MJF is relatively untested so far in AEW, he places highly because he hasn't lost a one on one singles match out of the two he has participated in.

Overall - 14. Male Overall - 11. Male 1-1 - 4.

7. Kenny Omega

Last Week, Unlisted - New

Is this the start of the rehabilitation of Kenny Omega? Two victories this week for the former 'Best Bout Machine. He successfully defended the AAA Mega Championship against Jack Evans on AEW Dark in the first ever title defense on the program and he then defeated Pac on Dynamite in an exciting contest.

There is still a long way for Omega to go to re-establish himself as one of the best in the world if not the absolute best. Beating the man he recognised as starting his slide is a great place to start. It is unclear where Omega goes to from here but it would make sense for him to revisit his feud with Jon Moxley at some point if he wishes to fully prove himself.

Overall - 20. Male Overall - 16. Male 1-1 - 10.

8. Pac

Last Week, 6th, Down 2</