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Match Stats - AEW Dynamite 9 - Bullet Point Bulletin!

1. Kenny Omega vs Pac

2. Adam Page vs MJF

3. Chris Jericho vs Scorpio Sky

Kenny Omega vs Pac

- Kenny could have easily taken this loss and built it into his story.

- The loss leaves Pac a bit rudderless.

- Omega seems to keep dives for bigger opponents, none vs Evans on Dark.

- The finish was different but lacked a call-back to the previous One-Winged Angel counter.

- Pac used a lot of ariel offense in this match.

- This had a lot of counter for counter meaning neither man controlled too much.

- Pac only had one spell where he put together 3 manoeuvres that weren't just simple strikes.

- Pac's wins over Omega and Page, previously, now seem less important.

- This match lasted little over 12 minutes...

Adam Page vs MJF

- Page absolutely dominated the offense here.

- MJF almost hit as many fouls as actual offense.

- MJF was cocky throughout despite being on the receiving end of most of the match's offense.

- Not once did MJF strike Page to the ground! Page achieved it with 19 of his strikes.

- This match was very short. Hardly a Titanic clash to get over the ring as a significant prize.

- Wardlow, Hager and Blanchard gift wins to the company's three top heels. Too much?

- This match was too short to get beyond the back and forth that will generally appear at the start of any match.

-Only once did a competitor string together over 5 manoeuvres, Page with 6 strikes right at the start.

Chris Jericho vs Scorpio Sky

- Scorpio Sky with 3/5ths of the offense!

- In fact, Sky beat Jericho in every offensive category, except submission. (and wins...)

- Jericho willing to play dirty and boast about it as usual.

- This match tended to have large flurries and then swing to the other competitor.

- Sky was able to prevent Jericho from having much more control over the match than he did himself.

- This match went little over 12 minutes despite having a 60 minute time limit.

- Jericho pulled out the victory just when Sky seemed to be building momentum.

- This match was on the slower end of the scale for the evening with less moves per minute than the other two singles matches.


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